Proposed construction of 1. ward offices-cluster 1 electrical works soy, kuinet/kapsuswa, kiplombe.segero/ barsombe, kimumu and karuna/meibeke) -uasin gishu county,2. ward offices-cluster 2 -electric -i works racecourse,kipkenyo,kaptagat,tembelio,chepti

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   Jan 11, 2019

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Tenders are invited for Proposed Construction of 1. Ward Offices-cluster 1 Electrical Works soy, Kuinet/kapsuswa, Kiplombe.segero/ Barsombe, Kimumu and Karuna/meibeke) -uasin Gishu County,

2. Ward Offices-cluster 2 -electric -i Works racecourse,kipkenyo,kaptagat,tembelio,cheptiret/ Kipchamo.ngenyilel...
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