Improvement of 3350 m roads under 3 schemes (R-10, R-13 & R-18) and development of 3490 m drainage interventions under 5 schemes (D-5, D-9, D-19, D-23 & D-37) in different locations under Faridpur Pourasha

Request For Proposals

General Information

   Mar 6, 2018
   Only eligible Bidders with the following key qualifications should participate in this bidding:
1. Specific Similar Experience: Experience in implementing a minimum of one (1) similar contract as per bid document during the last five (5) years, the value of which shall be minimum for each Package
2. Average annual construction turnover: Minimum average annual construction turnover for each Package based on total certified payments received for contracts in progress or completed over the last five (5) years
3. Liquid Assets or Credit Facilities: Minimum amount of Liquid Assets or Credit Facilities for each Package
   National procurement

Contact information

   Md. Shamsul Alam
Faridpur Pourashava District: Faridpur
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Bidding documents and attachments

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