Construction of Bituminous Road and RCC Drain ( Ward NO 6, 10 and 5, 1 ) work list attached

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   Aug 26, 2013
   Sep 28, 2013
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Tender value: INR23200000.00 Opening date of tender: 09/30/2013 17:30 Earnest Money Deposit: INR232000.00 Document fees: INR15000.00 Document sale to: 09/24/2013 17:30 Online percentage rate bids for the following works are invited from the contractors registered in centralized registration system of MPPWD and firms of repute fulfilling registration criteria, for the works given in the table below on 'Percentage Rate Basis' (Above/Below/ At par) based on Integrated Standard Schedule of Rates (ISSR) of Urban Administration & Development Department, effective from 10th May 2012: S. No.Name of WorkProbable Amount of Contract Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) (In Rupees) Cost of Bid DocumentCategory of ContractorPeriod of Completion NAGAR PARISHAD CHURHAT DISTRICT SIDHI {MADHYA PRADESH }Construction of Bituminous Road and RCC Drain ( Ward NO 6, 10 and 5, 1 ) work list attached232.00 Lakhs2, 32, 000/-15, 000/-‘C’and above 7 month i/c rainy season 1. The bidders intending to participate in this tender are required to get enrolled/ registered on the e- procurement web site and get empanelled on the sub portal of Public Works Department Enrolment /registration and subsequent empanelment on the above portal and sub portal is mandatory. 2. At the time of submission of the Bid the eligible bidder shall be required to: i) pay the cost of Bid Document ii) deposit the Earnest Money iii) Submit a check list and iv) Submit an affidavit. Details can be seen in the Bid Data Sheet 4. Earnest Money is accepted in EMD or DD, drawn in favour of Chief Municipal Officer Nagar Parishad, CHRUHAT DISTRICT SIDHI (MADHYA PRADESH) only 5. ELIGIBILTY FOR BIDDERS: (a) At the time of submission of the Bid the bidder should have valid registration in the appropriate category with the MPPWD. However, such bidders who are not registered with the MPPWD and are eligible for registration can also submit their bids after having applied for registration with appropriate authority. (b) The bidder would be required to have valid registration at the time of signing of the Contract. (c) Failure to sign the contract by the selected bidder, for whatsoever reason, shall result in forfeiture of the earnest money deposit. 6. Pre-qualification – Prequalification conditions, wherever applicable, are given in the Bid Data Sheet. 7. Special Eligibility - Special Eligibility Conditions, if any, are given in the Bid Data Sheet. Annexure – B || AFFIDAVIT || (On Non Judicial Stamp of Rs. 100) I/we _______________________________________________________ who is/ are _______________________ (status in the firm/ company) and competent for submission of the affidavit on behalf of M/s ______________________ (contractor) do solemnly affirm an oath and state that: I/we are fully satisfied for the correctness of the certificates/records submitted in support of the following information in bid documents which are being submitted in response to notice inviting e-tender No. ______________ for __________________________ (name of work) dated _______ issued by the ________________ (name of the department). I/we are fully responsible for the correctness of following self certified information/ documents and certificates: 1. That the self certified information given in the bid document is fully true and authentic. 2. That: a. Term deposit receipt deposited as earnest money, demand draft for cost of bid document and other relevant documents provided by the Bank are authentic. b. Information regarding financial qualification and annual turn-over is correct. c. Information regarding various physical qualifications is correct. 3. No close relative of the undersigned and our firm/company is working in the department. OR Following close relatives are working in the department: Name _______________ Post ____________________ Present Posting ___________ Signature with Seal of the Deponent (bidder) I/ We, _____________________ above deponent do hereby certify that the facts mentioned in above paras 1 to 4 are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. Verified today _____________ (dated) at ______________ (place). Sig

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