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   Mar 10, 2013
   Apr 5, 2013
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   J.H. Kethabanetswe
Botswana Power Corporation
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TENDER NO. 8665/12



1.1 The Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) wishes to undertake a comprehensive refurbishment project of Morupule 'A' PowerStation, a coalfired 4 x 33MW power plant, to recover plant degradation and restore the power plant's generating capacity to theguaranteed design level of 116MW (Net).

1.2 The BPC is a national power utility wholly owned by the Government of Botswana with a mandate to generate, procure, transmit, distribute and supply electricity in Botswana.

1.3 Morupule 'A' Power Station, with an installed capacity of 4 x 33MW (132MW) is owned, operated and maintained by the BPC.

The power plant was commissioned in two stages (Units 1, 2 & 3in 1986 and Unit 4 in 1989) and has been in operation sincethen until it was placed on care and maintenance in August 2012 due to unreliable aged equipment characterized by frequentbreakdowns and hence high cost of operation.

1.4 The BPC would therefore like to put Morupule 'A' Power Stationback into service either through private sector investorfunding or public sector funding by Government.

Inthe case of private sector funding, the investor would recoverthe investment through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the BPC.

1.5 It is against the above background that the BPC, with support from its shareholder, the Government of Botswana, is seekingto refurbish Morupule 'A' Power Station through a Public Private Sector Partnership (PPP) or as a Public Sector project through aturnkey EPC contract.


2.1 The Table below provides Morupule A basic plant design data.

Table 1: Morupule 'A' Name Plate Data ITEM




Installed Plant Capacity

132 MW


Net Generation Capacity

116 MW


No. Of Units

4 X 33MW


Date Commissioned

Unit 1, 2&3


Unit 4




Unit 1, 2& 3

Boiler Lentjes

Turbine NEI Parsons

Generator Parsons Peebles

Unit 4

Boiler Lentjes

Turbine Toshiba

Generator Toshiba

2.2 Due to aged equipment, Morupule 'A' plant availability progressively dropped from over 84% in 2008 to below 30% in 2012 andhence the plant was placed under asset care and maintenance in August 2012 pending execution of a refurbishment project aimed atrestoring the powerplant's output to its design level of 116MW (Net) at an availability factor of not less than 80% over a periodof 15 years. ?

2.3 In response to the above, the Government of Botswana (GoB) andthe BPC, through consultants, carried out two studies onMorupule 'A'being residual life assessment and refurbishment and pollution abatement with a view to restore the power plant'sdependable generation capacity to the design level (116MW Net) in the shortest possible time.

2.4 From the results of the above referred studies, it was concluded that Morupule 'A' Power Station can be restored intoservice by carrying out the necessary refurbishment of primary equipment (Boilers, Turbines, Generators) and associated ancillaryequipment (balance of plant).

2.5 The proposed refurbishment is to recover plant degradation andrestore firm generation capacity (116MW Net) with a minimum of80% plant availability. The expected life span of the plant at the said plant availability level when refurbished is at least 15years.

2.6 The scope of the envisaged Morupule 'A' refurbishment project involves but is not limited to the following:-

* assessment, Non Destructive Tests (NDT), replacement and or repair as necessary of Boiler components and Auxiliaries;

*  assessment, NDT, replacement and or repair as necessary ofthe Steam Turbines;

*  assessment and repair as necessary of Turbo Generator Sets;

*  assessment, replace and or repair as necessary of all Balance of Plant (BOP) equipment; ?

*  installation of new equipment as necessary, commissioning and testing of all equipment in the whole power plant; and

*  in the case of private sector funded refurbishment, asset care, operations and maintenance of the power plant under aPPA to be negotiated with the BPC.


3.1 Two options, stated below, to realize Morupule 'A' refurbishment will be considered and the option evaluated to be moreviable will be selected for the project.

3.2  Option 1: Private Sector Project Financing

Engage a private sector investment partner, lease the plant to theinvestor who in turn would refurbish and operate the powerstation under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) over an agreed period. In essencethis option is a Public Private Sector Partnership(PPP).

Some of the agreements to be considered under this option are:-

? Morupule 'A' Power Station Lease Agreement;

? Morupule 'A' Power Purchase Agreement;

? Morupule 'A' Fuel and Water Supply Agreement; and

? Morupule 'A' Human Resources Agreement.

3.3 Option 2: PublicSector Funding (Government Finance)

Secure services of a qualified and experienced Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor to undertake therequired refurbishment works as a turnkey EPC contract.

The main agreement for this option would be the Morupule 'A' PowerStation Refurbishment EPC contract. ?


4.1 Interested companies / consortiums with relevant proven experience in refurbishment / rehabilitation of coal fired powerplants are invited to submit Expressions of Interest (EoI) as follows:-

a) submit a Cover Letter in the form given in Annexure 1, which Cover Letter shall be signed by an authorized signatory of thecompany /consortium;

b) submit documentation providing the appointment / authorization of the signatory of the Cover Letter to sign on behalf of thecompany / consortium;

c) in the case of consortiums, provide documentation of the association of the companies comprising the consortium and alsoprovide documentation from the consortium designating the Lead Investor;

d) submit a profile for the company or for each of the companies in the consortium in case of consortiums;

e) submit evidence of company registration in home country, in thecase of a consortium evidence of registration is required foreach company in the consortium;

f) submit business premises (physical address) and all contact details, in case of consortiums, this information is required foreach company in the consortium;

g) submit a list of shareholders of the company or for each company in case of consortiums;

h) submit, in adequate detail, a statement of capabilities which details experience of the company or each company in the consortium in case of consortiums. The experience should be relevant to refurbishment of coal fired powerplants similar to Morupule 'A' power station. The statement should include a list of similar assignments/projects and tradereferences.

i) submit a statement of capability, qualifications and experienceof key personnel in the company/consortium to develop, manageand implement the project (curriculum vitae (CV) ofpersons are not required);

j) for Option 1 (Private Sector Financing), submit a clear statement in sufficient detail indicating arrangements on projectscoping, specifications and basic designs which would be used for equipment production, installation and commissioning;

k) in case of Option 1 (Private Sector Financing), submit in sufficient detail, operations and maintenance (O&M)arrangements and the experience and qualifications of key staff who would be responsible for operations and maintenance of thepower plant. If O&M is outsourced, the above stated details are to be provided for the O&M contractor.

l) for option 1 " Private Sector Project Financing", submit a clear financing plan explaining how the company /consortium wouldbe raising project finance. It is required that the ability of the company / consortium to raise project finance is adequatelydemonstrated as part of the financing plan.

m) Companies/Consortiums may express interest in either one or both refurbishment options (Investor ? PPA with BPC or EPCcontract with BPC). ?

n) Expressions of Interest by companies/consortiums who wish to beconsidered for both options should be submitted separately foreach option (ie an EoI for each of the refurbishment options).


5.1 The following criteria shall be used in the evaluation of the EoI.

a) Company /Consortium experience in refurbishment of coal fired power plants similar to Morupule 'A' Power Station.

b) Statement of capability, experience and qualifications of key personnel who would be availed to develop, manage and implementthe project.

c) In the case of Option 1, coal fired power plant operations & maintenance capability and experience of the Company/Consortium.

d) In the case of Option 1, arrangements for project scoping, specifications and basic designs which would be used for equipmentproduction, installation and commissioning.

e) In the case of Option 1, capacity of the Company /Consortium toraise funding for the project.

5.2 A point system would be used to assess the EoIs as stated below. Only Expressions of Interest which score a minimum of 75%would qualify for short listing and further consideration.

Option 1 (Private Sector Financing) Evaluation Criterion


5.1 (a) above


5.1 (b) above


5.1 (c) above


5.1 (d) above


5.1 (e) above





6.1 Expressions of Interest shall be disqualified from the short listing process and eliminated from further consideration forany of the following:-

a) the EoI is not deposited in the Tender Box as per instructions to bidders;

b) the EoI is not responsive to any one or more of the Eligibilityrequirements listed in section 4 above;

c) non responsiveness to any instruction to bidders;

d) EoIs from companies who are members in more than one Expressionof Interest;

             Note. A company / consortium is free to submitan
           Expression of Interest for either or both of the
           Refurbishment Options (Private Sector Financing /Public
           Sector Financing).

e) EoIs whichcontain fees, costs, prices for the envisaged Morupule A Refurbishment project; and

f) EoIs with materialinconsistencies or misrepresentations in the information submitted by the bidder.


Confidentiality - The Botswana Power Corporation undertakes not to disclose any information aboutany respondent to this call for Expressions of Interest to any other similar respondents.

Engagement of Contractor / Investor - The Botswana Power Corporation will not be bound to engageany respondent, or obliged to give reasons for engagement or non-engagement ofany respondent.

Lodging of Expressions of Interest - Responses to this request for Expression of Interest shouldbe marked as follows:

Botswana Power Corporation: Tender No. 8665/12
EOI: Morupule APower Station Refurbishment

and may be lodged by courier, provided that they are marked as above, and addressed to:

Chief Executive Officer
Botswana Power Corporation
Motlakase House, Macheng Way

All Expressions of Interest must be received on or before the closing date. BPC accepts no responsibility for courier servicedelays.

Hand delivered Expressions of Interest should be deposited in the TENDER BOX situated in the Botswana Power Corporation SupplyChain (Procurement) Office Plot 1222 Nkrumah Road Light Industrial Sites Gaborone, Botswana provided that they are marked asdetailed above.

Please note that Electronic (E- Mail) submissions are not acceptable.

Expression of Interest: Number ofDocuments
Expressions of Interest shall be submitted in one (1) original, five (5) hard copies ofthe original and 1 digital copy on either CD or Flash Disc (Memory Stick) for each refurbishment option (private sector financing /public sector financing).

Expression of Interest: Date of Submission Extension
The Botswana Power Corporation may, atits sole discretion, extend the deadline for the submission of Expressions of interest to allow applicants reasonable time toconsider any amendment to this documentation.

Questions & clarifications pertaining to this request for Expression ofInterest may be obtained, not less than 7 (seven) calendar days before the stated closing date of EoI submissions, from:

Project Manager: J.H. Ketlhabanetswe
E-Mail Address:
Phone: +267 4920881/4920200 ext. 181
Cell: +267 71318930
Office Hours [07:00 to 16:00 hours Monday to Friday]

Frequently Asked Questions
Responses to frequently asked questions (FAQ) will be posted onthe BPC web site:-

Bidders are therefore advisedto visit the BPC website regularly for possibleupdates on this Invitation to Tender.

Closing Date - This call forExpressions of Interest closes on 5th April 2013 at 10:00 am.

Annexure 1
Expression of Interest Cover Letter (Tender Form)
Botswana Power Corporation
P.O.Box 48
Motlakase House, Macheng Way

Dear Sirs,

Expression of Interest for Tender Number Option [Option Number andOption Description: eg Option 1: Private Sector Financing]

We, [company /consortium name in full]the undersigned, having read and examined in detail the Invitation for Expressions of Interest (EoI)related to the refurbishment ofMorupule 'A' power station (located in Palapye, Botswana) aimed at recovering plant degradation andrestoring the power plant's generation capacity to the design level of 116MW (Net) hereby submit our responseas required in the EoIfor Option [Option number: Description]

Any questions related to our submission should be addressed to:

[Phone Nos]:
[Fax Nos]:
[E-Mail Address]:

We are enclosing herewith the information requested in the EoI Invitation as follows:-

? 1 X Original EoI;

? 5 X Hard Copies of the (EoI);

? 1 Digital (soft) Copy on [media ? CD or Flash Disk]

Dated at [City/State/Province/Country] the --- day of---2013.

Yours Sincerely,

[Company Seal]

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