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   Jul 23, 2013
   Aug 21, 2013
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United States Department of Transportation

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration



Solicitation No. DTNH22-13-R-00682


Title:  Implementation of Youth Traffic Safety Survey


Description:  Multi-mode young driver ages 16 through 20 using Web as the primary response mode and mail as the second response mode.  There will also be back-up telephone option for young drivers survey to draw from samples from selected States that agree to participate in the study.  There will also be backup telephone option for young drivers who contact the Contractor to say they don't have Web access and want to be administered the interview by telephone.


Introduction:  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), of the United States Department of Transportation is responsible for reducing the number of injuries and deaths on highways resulting from vehicle crashes.  Young people 16 - to -20 years old are especially vulnerable to crash injury or death, with motor vehicles crashes being the leading cause of death for that age range and young drivers 0ver-represented in fatal crashes.


Specific Requirements:  The Contractor shall design a Web site for administering the survey to young drivers.  That Web site shall include features detailed in Section C.3.2 Technical Approach for Web Survey Component and Section C.3.3. Specific Requirements. The Contractor shall host the Web survey.


The sampling frame will be driver license databases of States that choose to participate in the survey.  NHTSA will contact the States, solicit their participation, and communicate to them what data NHTSA will need for the project.  This will include data needed to weight the final database.  States that choose to participate will be compensated for the costs they incur for participation.  Payments will be made by the Contractor to the States using funds from this Contract.  The participating States will provide one or more electronic files containing contact information for a sample they systematically draw from their driver license databases.  The States either will provide the files directly to the Contractor, or indirectly to the Contractor through NHTSA.


The selected sample will be contacted through the mail, using the names and addresses contained in the State files.  The Contractor shall be responsible for conducting all mailings.  There will be four waves of mail contact.  The initial contact will be by letter, asking the prospective respondent to go to a URL address created by the Contractor in order to take the survey.  The Contractor shall generate unique PINs for each member of the sample, and merge the PIN number and contact information into the letter.   There will be three follow-up mailings to members of the sample that have not submitted a completed questionnaire.  The latter two mailings shall include a paper version of the questionnaire with a return envelope to use in mailing the questionnaire back if the young driver prefers to respond with that mode rather than by Web. 


In addition to the mailings, there will be an e-mail follow-up to young drivers in States that include e-mail addresses in their driver license databases.  It is not known at this time if any of the States participating in the survey will have the capability to provide e-mail addresses.


The Contractor shall collect all questionnaires that are returned by mail, and shall enter the received data into a database.  The Contractor shall structure a final database that combines the information collected by the Web site with the information submitted on the returned paper questionnaires (as well as any information collected by telephone).  The Contractor shall weight the data using information supplied by the States and a weighting plan supplied by NHTSA.


The Contractor shall monitor the Web site for the purpose of assessing the status of survey responding and to determine if there are any problems occurring in survey administration.  The Contractor shall be responsible for responding to all problems that occur in Web administration of the survey.


Contract Award:  NHTSA intends to award a single, Time and Materials contract with a period of performance of twenty-two (22) months.   The anticipated award date for this resultant contract is expected on or about Friday, September 6,  2013.  This solicitation is full and open competition.


Solicitation:  The solicitation DTNH22-13-R-00682 will be available for downloading from on or about Friday, April 5, 2013.

Set-aside code: N/A Contact: Sharon Burgess-Anderson, Contract Specialist, Email
Updated on 2013/07/22

Set-aside code: N/A Contact: Sharon Burgess-Anderson, Contract Specialist, Email

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