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   Dec 28, 2012
   Jan 16, 2013
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Assignment Title: 1093301 - MM: Policy and Regulatory Advise in the Telecommunications Sector.

Assignment Countries:
- Myanmar


The World Bank is expected to receive a grant from the Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF) for consultant services to assist the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) put in place rules and regulations to enable telecommunications sector reforms in Myanmar.

Background and Objective of the TA assignment

The Government of the Union of Myanmar (Government) is in the process of planning telecommunications sector reforms in order to: (i) increase by tenfold access to quality telecommunication services; (ii) make services affordable for its citizens; and (iii) develop the required Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) infrastructure in Myanmar that will facilitate inclusive growth and poverty reduction.

The MCIT is undertaking a phased approach to achieve its stated targets for the telecommunications sector. It has also prepared a draft telecommunications law to enable the government to liberalize the telecommunications sector. The draft law has been submitted to Parliament for review and approval and it is expected that the law will be promulgated by April 2013. MCIT is in the process of inviting international and domestic telecom operators to either set up joint-ventures with existing operators. MCIT is also considering corporatizing MPT.

In this process, the Post and Telecommunications Department (PTD) will be responsible for providing policy advice to MCIT and carrying out regulatory functions in the sector. The PTD needs significant technical assistance and capacity building support in order to establish a credible regulatory environment in Myanmar.

The objective of this consultancy is to support the creation of a credible policy and regulatory environment in Myanmar, to oversee the reform of the telecommunications sector currently underway, and to guarantee the establishment and sustainability of fair competitive conditions in the telecommunications market. Specifically, this consultancy will: (a) support the development of an operational roadmap for the telecommunications sector in Myanmar, so that stated policy objectives for the sector can be met; (b) provide support for skill enhancement and institutional capacity building for market analysis, competition oversight, regulatory policy development and implementation in the areas of access regulation, tariff regulation, spectrum policy, numbering and quality of services; and (c) provide support for the development of the first strategic plan of the PTD so that it can fulfill its regulatory functions and for the development of monitoring and evaluation activities of the plans progress and success. The timeframe for this assignment is 6 months and the estimated budget is US$ 450,000.

Activity (A):Development of an operational roadmap for the sector.

While Government has announced broad targets such as 50% penetration by 2015, affordable access for all citizens, an operational roadmap to achieve these targets has not been developed. Consultants will support MCPT to develop an operational roadmap for the telecom sector in Myanmar. The roadmap would provide the following:

1. A roadmap for the telecommunications sector structure.

2. Summarize the near and medium term market structure of the sector. This will provide investors with a sense of when new operators will be licensed; and

3. Transitioning of the Governments operational role in the sector and a timetable for possible privatization of Governments ownership interests in the sector.

Activity (B): Development of key regulations for the sector.

With the proposed reforms, the government will have to put in place key regulations to govern a competitive market. Consultants will develop an international best practices study on regulation for telecommunications sector reform tailored to conditions and policies in Myanmar. The report will present recommendations on sector regulations in the subject described below. In addition, consultants will help developing the following policies and regulations:

1. licensing (recommendation of licensing structure and licensing fee structure);
2. Access regulations (including interconnection and infrastructure sharing)
3. Numbering plan
4. Tariff regulations for the use of essential monopoly facilities (taking into consideration of domestic backbone, international gateway and the submarine cable landing station.
5. Spectrum policy for Myanmar, including the national frequency allocation plan and assignment table, as well as economic aspects of spectrum management (spectrum pricing, spectrum allocation etc.).

The Consultants will work hand in hand with MCIT and PTD officials in drafting these regulations and ensuring that on the job capacity building activities also take place. A consultation process will be followed for each draft regulation. During this process, the consultants will present the draft regulations in a consultation workshop for stakeholders to provide feedback. The consultants will provide final regulations addressing feedback from counterpart and stakeholders and a matrix of responses to stakeholders and counterpart inputs, including rationale for response to stakeholders inputs.

The World Bank now invites eligible consultants ( a consulting firm) to indicate their interest in providing the services for this consultancy. Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among staff, etc). Consultants may associate to enhance their qualifications. The consultant must have at least 10 years of experience in similar tasks. The proposed team must have the legal, financial, economic, and technical experience in the telecommunications sector, with at least one member with 10 years and another with 5 years of international experience in projects developing sector telecommunications policy and regulation frameworks, particularly in the ASEAN region. The team should also include a consultant with knowledge of the local policy and regulatory framework with at least 1 year experience working with Myanmar laws and regulations. Experience with telecommunications would be a plus.

Interested consultants are hereby invited to submit expressions of interest.

Expressions of Interest should be submitted, in English, electronically through World Bank Group eConsultant2 (

Following this invitation for Expression of Interest, a shortlist of qualified firms will be formally invited to submit proposals. Shortlisting and selection will be subject to the availability of funding.
Qualification Criteria

1. Provide information showing that they are qualified in the field of the assignment. *
2. Provide information on the technical and managerial capabilities of the firm. *
3. Provide information on their core business and years in business. *
4. Provide information on the qualifications of key staff. *

* - Mandatory

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