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   Sep 3, 2004
   Oct 25, 2004

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Crops, products of market gardening and horticulture   Potatoes   Vegetables   Root vegetables   Carrots   Onions   Leaf vegetables   Cabbage   Tropical fruit   Bananas   Kiwi fruit   Lemons   Oranges   Non-tropical fruit   Apples   Cattle, livestock and small animals   Animal products    Eggs   Natural honey   Fish   Animal products, meat and meat products   Beef   Veal   Poultry   Chickens   Turkeys   Poultry livers   Pork   Offal   Meat preserves and preparations   Sausages   Black pudding and other blood sausages   Poultry sausages   Prepared and preserved fish   Fish fillets   Salted fish   Smoked fish   Canned or tinned fish and other prepared or preserved fish   Fruit, vegetables    Potato products   Fruit juices   Processed fruit and vegetables   Processed vegetables   Frozen vegetables   Canned vegetables   Processed fruit   Jams and marmalades; fruit jellies; fruit or nut purée and pastes   Preserved fruits   Dried fruit   Animal fats   Vegetable fats   Dairy products   Milk and cream   Cereal or vegetable flour    Animal feedstuffs   Miscellaneous food products   Bread products   Pastry goods and cakes   Sugar   Honey   Desserts   Cocoa   Chocolate and sugar confectionery   Coffee, tea    Condiments and seasonings   Miscellaneous food products and dried goods   Prepared dishes   Deep-frozen products   Mineral water   Soft drinks  

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