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   Feb 25, 2012
   Mar 15, 2012

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Importtantt Notte:: Companiies who iinttend tto submiitt a rresponse tto tthiis Exprressiion off IIntterrestt
((EOII)) arre rrequestted tto iiniittiiatte tthe rregiisttrrattiion prrocess by lloggiing on tto www..ungm..orrg and tto
compllette tthe ffullll vendorr rregiisttrrattiion prrocess wiitthiin 90 days.. Companiies who have nott
complletted tthe fforrmall rregiisttrrattiion prrocess wiitth tthe Uniitted Nattiions Glloball Marrkettpllace
((www..ungm..orrg)) wiitthiin tthe 90--day perriiod wiillll be auttomattiicalllly rremoved ffrrom tthe vendorr rrostterr
and wiillll have tto sttarrtt agaiin a new rregiisttrrattiion fforr consiiderrattiion iin ffutturre EOII and ttenderriing
Descriipttiion off Requiirementt:: The Uniitted Nattiions Chiilldrren’’s Fund ((UNIICEF)) iis seekiing
Exprressiions off IIntterrestt ((EOIIs)) ffrrom elliigiiblle vendorrs iin rrespectt tto tthe prroviisiion off ttemporrarry
admiiniisttrrattiive supporrtt perrsonnell wiitth varriious ttypes skiilllls,, tto be assiigned tto tthe UNIICEF’’s
Headquarrtterrs iin New Yorrk Ciitty.. The serrviice prroviiderr mustt be ablle tto rrecrruiitt and prroviide wellll
qualliiffiied and wellll ttrraiined admiiniisttrrattiive conttrracttorrs,, llocatted wiitthiin tthe Trrii--Sttatte arrea,, as quiicklly
as possiiblle fforr assiignmentt tto varriious offffiices att UNIICEF Headquarrtterrs.. A morre dettaiilled scope
off worrk wiillll be prroviided tto vendorrs tthatt wiillll eventtualllly be iinviitted tto submiitt prroposalls..
UNIICEF wiillll prroviide tthe company wiitth a sttattementt off worrk orr worrk package wiitth cllearrlly
outtlliined speciiffiicattiions,, delliiverrablles and accepttance crriitterriia on an as--and--when rrequiirred basiis..
Thiis worrk may be perrfforrmed as a combiinattiion off on--siitte and offff--siitte worrk,, dependiing on tthe
ciirrcumsttances.. Temporrarry admiiniisttrrattiive conttrracttorrs hiirred tthrrough tthe Vendorr wiillll worrk underr
tthe diirrectt superrviisiion off UNIICEF sttaffff fforr a ffiixed perriiod off ttiime.. The vendorr((s)) wiillll prroviide tthe
necessarry skiilllled conttrracttorrs,, ttoolls,, and ottherr rresourrces iin arreas rrellatted tto ttemporrarry
admiiniisttrrattiive sttaffffiing,, as speciiffiied wiitthiin tthe iindiiviiduall worrk orrderrs.. The vendorr((s)) iis expectted
tto prroviide ttrraiined,, knowlledgeablle ttechniicall consullttantts accorrdiing tto tthe rrequiirrementts off
speciiffiic worrk orrderrs..
Intterrestted companiies arre rrequiirred tto compllette and submiitt tthe attttached EOII fforrm..
EOIIs shoulld be sentt tto Busiiness Parrttnerr -- Operrattiions,, e--maiill:: BP..Operrattiions@uniiceff..orrg no
llatterr tthan 15 Marrch 2012,, 5::00 PM NY Tiime..
Pllease notte tthatt rresponses rreceiived wiitthoutt a dully complletted fforrm orr a fforrm tthatt iis iincompllette
wiillll nott be consiiderred..
Thiis EOII does nott consttiittutte a solliiciittattiion.. We do nott rrequiirre prroposalls and prriices att tthiis sttage;;
we merrelly seek yourr exprressiion off iintterrestt iin parrttiiciipattiing iin tthe ttenderr..
Due tto tthe hiigh vollume off communiicattiions,, we wiillll nott iissue conffiirrmattiion as tto rreceiiptt off EOII’’s..
Pllease iindiicatte UNGM vendorr rregiisttrrattiion numberr and company conttactt dettaiills iin tthe EOII..
Pllease notte tthatt no ffurrttherr dettaiills off tthe pllanned ttenderr can be made avaiillablle fforr vendorrs prriiorr
tto iissuance off tthe solliiciittattiion documentts..
A rresponse tto tthiis Requestt fforr Exprressiion off IIntterrestt does nott auttomattiicalllly ensurre tthatt you wiillll
be sellectted tto parrttiiciipatte iin tthe ttenderr..
UNIICEF rreserrves tthe rriightt tto change orr cancell tthe rrequiirrementt att any ttiime durriing tthe EOII
and//orr solliiciittattiion prrocess.. UNIICEF allso rreserrves tthe rriightt tto rrequiirre complliiance wiitth addiittiionall
condiittiions as and when iissuiing tthe ffiinall ttenderr documentt..
Iff you have any addiittiionall questtiions aboutt tthiis EOII,, pllease conttactt Busiiness Parrttnerr --
Operrattiions,, e--maiill:: BP..Operrattiions@uniiceff..orrg">Eligible and qualified suppliers are encouraged to send in their Expression of Interest (EOI).

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