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This is a combined Synopsis/Solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordance with the format in Subpart 12.6, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. The RFQ number is R11PS4P205. This announcement constitutes the only RFQ; quotations are being requested and a written RFQ will not be issued. The Bureau of Reclamation - Curecanti Field Division has a requirement to purchase the following grease system parts. This procurement is 100% set aside for small business concerns. Large businesses are encouraged to submit quotes in the event that responsive small business quotes are not received. The associated North American Industrial Classification System code for this RFQ is 333911- Pumps and Pumping Equipment Manufacturing and the Small Business Size Standard is 500 employees. Quotations shall include, proposed delivery in days, pricing to show line item cost, plus freight, plus total cost. All vendor quotes shall list the company's DUNS Number. All responsible sources may submit a quotation, which if timely received, shall be considered by this agency. The Offeror shall furnish the following according to the salient characteristics below: Replacement Parts List for: Farval Air Operated Grease System:Qty: Part No: Description:1ea. 9120 Air-Operated Drum Pump for use with 120 lb Drum.1ea. F964 Follower Plate.1ea 200275 Lube Supply Hose w/Gauge - 72" hose.1ea. 200277 Lube Pressure Relief Kit with 72" hose.1ea. 202325 Air Supply Hose Kit with 72" hose.1ea. LC10243 Low Level Switch for 120 lb Drum.1ea. LD7767CA1 Air Control Panel.1ea. U972D Shut-Off valve for air supply - ?".1ea. F111 Pump Hoist, Floor Mounted, Air Operated.1ea. 200514 Air Supply Kit for Pump Hoist.3ea. FR20-37149-115-X Reversing Valve Assembly.4ea. U620D1 Pressure Switch.4ea. U920D Pressure Gauge, ?" NPT Ports.2ea. SS4500 Controller.2ea. MCZ2503-BVODL11N Zone Valve - 120 VAC.1ea. U914A1 Alarm Horn - 120 VAC.1ea. DD54250 Distribution Valve - 3/8" NPT - Inlet.1ea. DD56250 Distribution Valve - 3/8" NPT - Inlet.1ea. U1975B1 Distribution Port Check Valve. 1ea. U109301 Inlet Port Check Valve.1ea. U421B Quick Disconnect - Male Half.1ea. U422B Quick Disconnect - Female Half with Valve.1ea. LS03120 Line Strainer - ?" NPT Port. Successful vendor shall ship order COMPLETE. NO PARTIALS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Any questions with regard to this requirement shall be addressed to the Purchasing Agent identified elsewhere in this document. Delivery shall be FOB Destination to: Bureau of Reclamation - Curecanti Field Division Warehouse, 1330 East Oak Grove Road, Montrose, Co. 81401. All items shall be delivered not later than 8 weeks after receipt of award. The contractor shall be responsible for packing and shipping the components in a manner that will ensure undamaged and complete arrival. ORDER SHALL BE SHIPPED COMPLETE, NO PARTIALS ACCEPTED. Vendors are reminded that effective October 1, 2003, prospective vendors must be registered in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) prior to the award of the contract. Evaluation Criteria: Award will be made to the lowest responsive, responsible offeror who meets the Government's need. This RFQ incorporates provisions and clauses in effect through FAC 2005-50. It is the responsibility of the contractor to be familiar with the applicable clauses and provisions. The following FAR provisions and clauses apply to this RFQ and are incorporated by reference, with the same force and effect as if they were given in full text. The full text of provisions and clauses may be accessed electronically at this website address: Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) clauses - The following clauses will apply: FAR 52.204-7 Central Contractor Registration; FAR 52.212-4 Contract Terms and Conditions Commercial Items; FAR 52.211-6 Brand Name or Equal; FAR 52.212-5 Contract Terms and Conditions Required to Implement Statutes or Executive Orders - Commercial Items and in FAR 52.212-5(b) Contract Terms and Conditions Required to Implement Statutes or Executive Orders - Commercial Items, the referenced clauses: (1) 52.204-10 Reporting Executive Compensation and First-Tier Subcontract Awards; (2) 52.219-6 Notice of Total Small Business Set-Aside, (3) 52.219-28 Post Award Small Business Program Representation, (4) 52.222-3 Convict Laabor, (5) 52.222-19 Child Labor - Cooperation with Authorities and Remedies, (6) 52.222-21 Probilition of Segregated Facilities, (7) 52.222-26 Equal Opportunity, (8) 52.222-36 Affirmative Action for Workers With Disabilities, (9) 52.225-1 Buy American Act - Supplies, (10) 52.225-13 Restrictions on Certain Foreign Purchases, (11) 52-232-33 Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer - Central Contractor Registration, (12) 52.223.18 Contractor policy to ban text messaging while driving. WBR 1452.222-80 - Notice of Applicability - Cooperation with Authorities and Remedies - Child Labor - Bureau of Reclamation (JAN 2004)(a) The clause at FAR 52.222-19, Child Labor, Cooperation with Authorities and Remedies, does not apply to Bureau of Reclamation acquisitions to the extent that the contractor is supplying end products mined, produced, or manufactured in -(1) Canada, and the anticipated value of the acquisition is $175,000 or more; and(2) Israel, and the anticipated value of the acquisition is $175,000 or more.(b) Nonapplicability thresholds for other countries are the same as listed in the FAR clause. WBR 1452.225-82 -- NOTICE OF WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION GOVERNMENT PROCUREMENT AGREEMENT EVALUATIONS -- BUREAU OF RECLAMATION (MAY 2005)In accordance with the Agreement on Government Procurement, as amended by the Uruguay Round Agreements Act (Pub. L. 103-465), and other trade agreements, FAR Subpart 25.4, World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement, applies to Bureau of Reclamation acquisitions. In order to apply trade agreements unique to Reclamation, the contracting officer will (irrespective of any other provision or clause of this solicitation) evaluate acquisitions at or above the dollar thresholds listed in FAR 25.402(b) without regard to the restrictions of the Buy American Act. ET02-20--Electronic Transmittal, AUTHORIZED WORKERS NOTICE TO POTENTIAL BUREAU OF RECLAMATION CONTRACTORS (SEP 2002) (a) Definitions. IRCA - Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986INA - Immigration and Nationality ActINS - Immigration and Naturalization Service SSA - Social Security AdministrationINS SAVE Program - The INS Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements ProgramESA - Employment Standards Administration (Department of Labor) (a) Authority. Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (8 USC 1101 as amended) and the Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 274A. (b) Who is Covered. INA includes provisions addressing employment eligibility, employment verification, and nondiscrimination. These provisions apply to all employers, including government contractors. (c) Basic Provisions/Requirements. Under IRCA, employers may hire only persons who may legally work in the U.S., i.e., citizens and nationals of the U.S. and aliens authorized to work in the U.S. The employer must verify the identity and employment eligibility of anyone to be hired, which includes completing the Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9). Employers must keep each I-9 on file for at least three years, or one year after employment ends, whichever is longer. Detailed guidance on the I-9 is available at the INS web site: (d) Employment Verification Pilot Programs. The INS and the SSA are conducting the following programs that provide employers a way to confirm the employment eligibility of their newly hired employees. Any employer located in a pilot state may volunteer to participate in a pilot program. If employers are not located in a pilot state, they would verify employment eligibility by following the procedures currently in place, i.e., by completing Form I-9. (1) The Basic Pilot is a joint pilot being conducted by the INS and SSA in the States of California, Florida, Illinois, Nebraska, New York, and Texas. This pilot involves verification checks of the SSA and INS databases of all newly hired employees, regardless of citizenship. To receive information on the Basic Pilot program please call the INS SAVE Program toll free at 1-888-464-4218, or fax your request for information to (202) 514-9981, or write to USINS, SAVE Program, 425 I Street, NW, ULLICO Building 4th Floor, Washington, DC 20536. You may also contact the Social Security Administration by calling (410) 966-1940, or writing to Social Security Administration, Office of Program Benefits Policy, 6401 Security Blvd., 760 Altmeyer, Baltimore, MD 21235. (2) The INS is conducting the Citizen Attestation Pilot in the States of Arizona, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Virginia. The Citizen Attestation Pilot permits participating employers to electronically verify the employment eligibility of newly hired alien employees by using a personal computer with a modem. To receive information on the Citizen Attestation Pilot program please call the INS SAVE Program toll free at 1-888-464-4218, or fax your request for information to (202) 514-9981. Employers may also write to US/INS, SAVE Program, 425 I Street, NW, ULLICO-4th Floor, Washington, DC 20536. (3) The INS and the SSA are conducting the Machine-Readable Document Pilot in the State of Iowa. The Machine-Readable Document Pilot is identical to the Basic Pilot in all respects, except for the geographic scope of the pilot and for one additional feature. If an employee presents an Iowa's driver's license or identification card containing a machine-readable SSN, the employer will make an inquiry through the confirmation system by using the machine-readable feature. To receive information on the Machine-Readable Document Pilot program please call the INS SAVE Program toll free at 1-888-464-4218, or fax your request for information to (202) 514-9981. You may also write to US/INS, SAVE Program, 425 I Street, NW, ULLICO-4th Floor, Washington, DC 20536. (e) Employee Rights. The INA protects U.S. citizens and aliens authorized to accept employment in the U.S. from discrimination in hiring or discharge on the basis of national origin and citizenship status. (f) Compliance Assistance. More detailed information, including copies of explanatory brochures and regulatory and interpretative materials, may be obtained from local offices of the Department of Labor's Employment Standards Division, Wage and Hour Division, and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs. (g) Penalties/Sanctions. Employers who fail to complete and/or retain the I-9 forms are subject to penalties. The INS enforces the INA requirements on verification of employment eligibility. The Justice Department enforces the anti-discrimination provisions. As part of their ongoing enforcement efforts, the ESA's Wage and Hour Division and Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs conduct inspections of the I-9 forms. They report their findings to the INS and to the Department of Justice when they find cases of disparate treatment or unauthorized employment. A debarring official may debar a contractor, based on a determination by the Attorney General of the United States, or designee, that the contractor is not in compliance with the INA. The Attorney General's determination is not reviewable in the debarment proceedings. At a minimum, responsible soources shall provide the following: (1) A price quote on letterhead for the requested item(s) along with specifications of proposed item; (2) Unit Price and Extended Price; (3) Prompt Payment terms; (4) Remittance address; (5) Duns Number and Taxpayer Identification Number. This announcement will close at 5:00 p.m., local time, on 06/03/2011. The point of contact is Tom Snyder, Purchasing Agent, who can be reached at (970) 240-6345. Offerors shall submit their quotes via email to: or facsimile to (970) 240-6344. Set-aside code: Total Small Business Place of performance:  1330 E. OAK GROVE ROADMONTROSE, CO. 81401  814015462  U.S.A. Contact: Tom Snyder Purchasing Agent 9702406345
Link To Document Email: Point of Contact above, or if none listed, contact the IDEAS EC HELP DESK for assistance (EC_helpdesk@NBC.GOV)
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