Topographical Survey for Zalingei Water Supply Scheme in West Darfur – Sudan

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   Dec 29, 2010
   Jan 10, 2011
   United Nations Office for Project Service (UNOPS)
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   Ms. Linnet Maloba
UNDP Sudan
United Nations Office for Project Services
State Ministry of Physical Infrastructure,Juba, South Sudan
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Consulting services for water-supply and waste-water other than for construction  

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Subject: Topographical Survey for Zalingei Water Supply Scheme in West Darfur – Sudan.


United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) with the financial assistance from Department for International Development, DFID of UK, is engaged in development of water supply infrastructure in Zalingei of West Darfur. The scope of work includes design and construction of water source facilities, pump stations, water transfer mains, storage tanks and the town’s water distribution network. The projects will be implemented in close consultation with Urban Water Corporation of West Darfur and Public Water Corporation (PWC) of Khartoum. In this connection, UNOPS intends engage suitably qualified / experienced consultancy firm or company in carrying out engineering and detailed topographic surveys for the work described under Scope of Services in Annex II, III and IV of this document.


Zalingei is a principal town of West Darfur State with some 200,000 inhabitants and a large number of IDP’s.


The existing water supply scheme in Zalingei comprises three (3) borehole fields, transmission systems, elevated reservoirs and gravity fed distribution network. The distribution network is composed of pipelines of varying materials and sizes. The much of the water supply infrastructure in the existing scheme is old and deteriorated beyond repair. As such, UNOPS intends to design & construct a new water supply system to replace all existing water supply scheme in the town to provide better water supply coverage for existing and essentially prioritized areas of the town. A full of scope of services with detailed description of existing networks with maps are enclosed in Annex II III & IV to this document.


The selected contractor shall be required produce following deliverables.
•Produce and handover to UNOPS a soft copy of Zalingei Water Supply Scheme map (drawing) in Auto CAD or similar surveying drafting software showing all pipelines and site surveyed to a scale of 1;10000 or any other as appropriate and instructed by UNOPS and produce 3 sets of this map in A1 size paper. The map shall show all main features of the area surveyed including, but not be limited to surveyed sites, TBM’s and any other important data including true orientation of data surveyed.

•Produce and handover to UNOPS soft copies of all pipelines surveyed in AutoCAD or similar surveying drafting software, drawn to the scale specified, showing longitudinal section of each pipeline with flat plan and clearly marking North along with 3 sets of hardcopies printed in A3 scale. All electronic copies shall be prepared in such a way that pipeline from one node to the other (or to more nodes) shall be in one electronic file. Further, all electronic files and all drawings printed shall show the true North (UNOPS will submit a sample template to the selected contractor in this respect.) and true orientation of the pipeline route starting point to the end on a site plan, with corresponding running distances (RD) are marked..


The selected contractor is required to mobilize resources to the site, within 14 days of the Contract signing. The survey works including final submissions of drawings shall be completed within six (6) weeks from the date of award of the contract.

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ANNEX I - Terms of Reference.docx
ANNEX II - Scope of Services.docx
Annex II -UNOPS Supplier Registration Form.docx
ANNEX III- Bill of Quantity.docx
Annex II-VII.pdf
Annex IV - Project Area Map.docx
ANNEX V Bid Forms.docx
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