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Korea, South
   Oct 31, 2010
   Nov 8, 2010

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Bid Summary

PUBLIC PROCUREMENT SERVICEGovernment Complex-Daejeon http://www.pps.go.kr139 Seonsa-Ro(920 Dunsan-Dong)Seo-Gu Daejeon, Korea, 302-701

BID SUMMARY Date : 2010/10/27 INV. No : 2010102413200 P.R. No : 10PE0631

Public Procurement Service(PPS) now invites sealed bids from eligible bidders forthe supply of Goods and Services for the end-user indicated on the cover sheet.The successful bidder shall supply the equipment and related services thereto.


2. BID OPENING DATE AND TIME : 2010/11/08 14:00
BID OPENING PLACE : Korea ON-Line E-Procurement System(KONEPS : www.g2b.go.kr)

Bids shall be valid for 90 days after the bid opening date shown above.

4. BID BOND : (refer to Clause 13,14 of General Instructions to Bidders and
Clause 9 of Special Instructions to Bidders)
Not Required
- instead of Bid Bond , Memorandum of Payment shall be submitted.
In case of electronic bidding, clicking Memorandum of Payment button on pop-up window shall be regarded as the Memorandum of Payment being submitted

5. Submission of Bids
The bid can only be processed electronically via KONEPS.
However, in the case of bidders residing outside Korea, a direct bidding to PPS on the
time and date of bid opening or bidding via mail may be allowed(Courier service will not
be permissible).
- In this case, 1 original and 2 stapled sets of copied bidding documents required by
invitation for bid such as Bid form, Quotation(In case the commodity is comprised of components,
the each price of components must be indicated separately in the Quotation), Supplier's certificate,
Memorandum of payment, etc. should be submitted.
- Bidding by mail should be received by PPS(Address : Building #3, Government Complex-
Daejeon, 139 Seonsa-Ro(920 Dunsan-Dong) Seo-Gu, Daejeon, Korea. zip code: 302-701) one working
day prior to the date of bid opening(before the bids are opened). The invitation for bid number,
time and date of bid and name of the end-user must be shown on the envelope labeled "Bidding
documents enclosed"
- The direct bidding should be turned in on the time and date of bid at the Foreign Procurement
Evaluation Room, and one(1) hour prior to the bid, bidders shall notify a contract officer of
the intention of a direct submission.
Language: English

6. Submission of annexed documents (applicable to bidders residing in Korea)
a.In addition to the bid document submitted to KONEPS, the following annexed documents should be
arrived at PPS by the date of bid opening.
Specifications, evidence documents for specification of bids such
as catalogue and other documents required in the bid invitation should be collected and 1
original and 2 stapled sets of copied documents should be submitted.
b.Method of submission
- Submission by direct visit or via mail shall be allowed, and should be sent to the relevant
contract officer by the date of bid opening.
- In case of submission via mail, submission should be received by PPS(Address : Building #3,
Government Complex-Daejeon 139 Seonsa-Ro(920 Dunsan-Dong) Seo-Gu, Daejeon, Korea.
zip code: 302-701) by the working hours of bid opening date.
The invitation for bid number, time and date of bid and name of the end-user must be shown on
the envelope labeled "Bidding documents enclosed"

7. MANUFACTURER'S CERTIFICATE : (refer to Clause 15 of General Instructions to
Bidder and Clause 7 of Special Instructions to Bidders)
Not Required
Regardless of Manufacturer's Certificate, an Original Supplier's Certificate shall
always be submitted, except for the locally supplied bid, quoted in Korean Won, in
which the bidder and the supplier are the same.

Via : Air Freight
Consignee : Public Procurement Service
End-User : FACT(The Foundation of Ag.Tech.Commercialization and Transfer)
Discharging Port : Airport [ Incheon ]
In case that discharging port is Incheon airport, the goods shall be taken in and out
the Incheon bonded warehouse.In this case the consignee shall be 'PPS, Incheon Regional Office'.
- Shock Watch Label
Not Required

1) Foreign Supply
Shipment : Within 60 days after the issuance day of L/C.
2) Local Supply
Within 60 days from the five(5) days after the contract date

Payment in Installment
- after the receipt L/C : % - on shipment : 90.% of invoice amount
- test-run : 10.% of total contract value
In case of Local Supply, payment shall be made directly by the end-user to
the contractor afer installation/test-run.
In case of lease financing, payment shall be made by the lease company.


12. WARRANTY ( refer to Clause 20 of Special Instructios to Bidder )
< BOND >
2)Not Required
The warranty shall remain valid for 12 months after the successful installation and test-run.

13. QUALIFICATION DOCUMENTS ( refer to Clause 7 of Special Instructions to Bidder )
1) Performance Test Record is required
2) Type Approval is required
- Foreign
- Domestic
3) Evidence certificate or ISO certificate is required
4) Not Required

14. In case of other services such as installation, inspection and training are required,
the costs of the services shall be quoted in detail

15. For more information concerning to the bid, Information Center of PPS is available.
Address : (Building #3(3rd~9th Floor), Government Complex-Daejeon,
139 Seonsa-Ro(920 Dunsan-Dong) Seo-Gu, Daejeon, Korea.
(zip code : 302-701)
Information Center : (Tel) 1588-0800 / (Fax) (042)472-2297
Person in charge : (Tel) : 042-481-7557 / (Fax) : 0505-480-1989

16. Technical Review :
1) Shall be done solely by the end-user

17. Concerned 'Special Instructions to Bidder'
FCA(FOB) General

18. Remark
The bidder for foreign supplies must calculate the gross weight in metric tons(kgs)
and the gross measurement in metric tons(or kgs) for each item and indicate them
clearly in the quotation.
Negligence in indicating or a false statement may place bidders at disadvantage in
the subsequent evaluation of bids.
If the goods is shipped in the U.S.A then bidders shall choose a port of shipment
(place) among LAX, SFO, CHI, DFW, ATL or JFK port and specify its name in their
In the case of a shipment from countries other than the U.S.A, the bidder shall
indicate any well-known international airport of the country from which the goods
are shipped.
Should the bid item is classified as hazardous by the regulation of IATA and
categorized as one of following classes, then the bidder or supplier shall notify the
concerning class at the quotation.
-Class 1 - Explosives
-Class 2 - Gases
-Class 3 - Flammable Liquids
-Class 4 - Flammable Solids, Spontaneous Combustible & Dangerous when wet
-Class 5 - Oxidizing Substances & Organic Peroxide
-Class 6 - Toxic & Infectious Substance
-Class 7 - Radioactive Materials
-Class 8 - Corrosive Materials
-Class 9 - Miscellaneous Dangerous Substances & Articles
In the case where there is a transportation by sea, then hazardous goods or
special freight items such as bulky cargo, lengthy cargo etc which cannot be
containerized, should be also specifically detailed as above. The supplier should
submit the Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods to the carrier with the
contracted goods.

Bid Currency
Regardless of Clause 7 of General Instructions to Bidders and Clause 6 of Special
Instructions to Bidders, bidders whose goods or services will be supplied from
China shall be recommended to quote their bid prices in US dollar, or in currencies
other than Yuan(CYN) on account of difficulty in international transaction through
Letter of Credit.
Therefore, the bid prices quoted in Yuan shall be converted into US dollars at the
following rate first notified by Korean Exchange Bank on the day of bid opening and
the contract shall be made in the converted US dollar.
- the bidding price quoted in Yuan(CYN)
= bidding price Basic Rate of Yuan(CYN) Basic Rate of US dollar.

Estimated cost: 60,300.000 (USD) To download bidding documents: search for Invitation No 20101024132 here
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