Provision of Furniture : for Administration Block at JNB Ormara.

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   Aug 5, 2010
   Aug 3, 2010
   International procurement

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   DW&CE (Navy)
Pakistan Navy
Sector E-8, x

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Opening date of tender: 08/03/2010 00:00 Note: Here mentioned both dates of tender are tentative. 1) Application are invited by the DW&CE (Navy) Islamabad with fifteen (15) Day drom the date of advertisement in the news papers for pre-qualification of contractor / firms. Tenders documents for the work “Provision of Furniture for Administration Block at JNB Ormara shall be issued dispatched toe pre-qualification contractor firm.
2) Firms / Contractor borne on approved list “B” (10.0 Million) of MS Contractor or other Government department having experience of this type or work may only apply.
3) Firms / Contractor borne on approved list of MES contractor will furnish their application of their bing on the appropriate list of the department concerned, a statement it of financial with necessary back certification details of staff employed, details of tools plants and previous experience giving details and type of work, executed the last tow year and in hand on the proforma appended below.
4) Contractor not borne on MES Approved list of contractor those suspended from the approved list of MES Contractor due to non depositing enhanced amount of standing security will deposit earnest money equal to 2% of the estimated cost of bid in the form of FDR, Deposit at call etc.
5) Accepting officer may reject al bids or proposals at any time prior to the acceptance of the bidder or proposal. Accepting Officer shall request communicate to any contractor who submitted a bid proposal, the ground for its rejection of all bidder or proposal but is not required to justify those ground.
6) Any assistant end detail (if required) may be collected from DW&CE (Navy) Sector E-8, Islamabad during working hours.
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