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   Jul 6, 2010
   Jul 15, 2010
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SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF MAIZE AND BEAN SEEDS AMAJUBA DISTRICT MUNICIPALITY REQUEST FOR BIDS: Bid No.: T2010/12 SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF MAIZE AND BEAN SEEDS Bids are invited for the supply and deliver of maize and soybean seeds: at Amajuba District Municipality offices B9356, Main Street, Section1, Madadeni; Newcastle. Prospective service providers are requested to indicate the seed cultivar name. SPECIFICATIONS: Schedule of Quantities: Item Description Quantity Cultivar Name Unit Price Total price 1 25kg or 60k yellow maize seeds: Must be a stacked gene hybrid with wide area adaptability, Good standability and high prolifacy 55 2 Soy Bean seeds: A good all-rounder with no Agronomic Contraints; Packed in 25kg or 140k excellent standability; Resistance to shattering and good Pod Height; 600 VAT Total Bidding Price Sealed and numbered bids must be deposited in the tender box at the Reception of Amajuba District Municipality office, Attention: SCM Unit. NB: This bid will be evaluated in terms of the 80/20 preference point system as prescribed in the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (No 5 of 2000) and for this purpose the enclosed forms MBD1, MBD2, MBD4, MBD 6.1 & MBD 8 must be scrutinized, completed and submitted together with your bid. Service providers that have applied to be included in the Amajuba District Municipality’s database should also respond to this request for proposals. For technical enquiries kindly contact Londa Radebe on 034 329 700 or by email londar@amajuba.gov.za For enquiries regarding the bidding procedures kindly contact Henry Mthembu the SCM Unit 034 329 7200 or by email henrym@amajuba.gov.za …………………………………………………………………………………….. Closing date: 15 July 2010 @12h00 ------------------------------ VB MBATHA ACTING MUNICIPAL MANAGER
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