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   May 5, 2010
   May 27, 2010
   The Government of Kenya
   National procurement

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   N/A N/A
The Managing Director Kenya Pipeline Company Limited,
P.O. Box 73442-00200

Goods, Works and Services

Detergents   Vegetables, fruits and nuts   Lubricants   Transport services  

Original Text

The Kenya Pipeline Company Limited (herein referred to as KPC) invites sealed applications from eligible candidates for purposes of pre-qualifying suppliers of Goods, works and services, for Morendat Training and Conference Centre (Situated 15Kms from Naivasha Town off Naivasha Nakuru Highway). The prequalification is for the period 2010/11 and 2011/12 under the following categories.

1.Assorted Fruits and Vegetables
3.Wine and Spirits
4.Beer and Sodas
5.Fruit Juices
6.Meat Products
7.Swimming Pool: Chemical/additives/safety/Calibration
8.Printing and General Stationary
9.General Office Equipment and Furniture
10.Hotel Linen
11.General Supplies/Misc. Consumables and Cleaning Materials
12.Supply of Lubricants and Gases
13.Uniform and Protective Clothing
14.Office Cleaning and Laundry Detergents
15.Industrial ,Decorative and Automotive Paint
16.Food and Beverage Equipment
17.Fumigation and Pest Control
18.Exhauster Services
19.Hotel Accommodation
20.Servicing of Equipment and Machinery
21.Provision of Transport Services
22.Supply of Dry Foodstuffs

The following documents are mandatory and must accompany the submissions.

1. Certificate of Incorporation/ Registration.
2. A copy of a valid KRA Tax Compliance Certificate.
3. Letters of recommendation from three (3) of your major clients, preferably in public sector.
4. Certificates from affiliated bodies/association.
5. Audited Accounts for the last two (2) years.
6. A copy of official KPC receipt.
7. In addition to the above the applicants must be in possession of Electronic Tax Register.

Interested eligible applicants may obtain the pre qualification documents from Procurement Office at Morendat or the office of Procurement Manager, Kenya Pipeline Company Ltd, Nairobi Terminal situated in Industrial Area, Sekondi Road, off Nanyuki Road, upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Ksh.2,000.00 either in cash or bankers’ cheque in favour of Kenya Pipeline company Limited. Interested eligible firms are advised to carefully inspect pre-qualification documents prior to purchase.

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