Supply of Drugs and Medicines - (1) Antibiotic, (2) Analgesic, (3) Anti Asthma, (4) Anti Diorrheal, (5) Steroid, (6) Iron Perpation, (7) Oral Hypoglycemic, (8) Anti-Spasmodic, (9) Anti Emetics, etc.

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   Jun 16, 2009
   Jun 25, 2009
   International procurement

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   Airports Security Force

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Incontinence kit   Dressings; clip, suture, ligature supplies   Orthopaedic implants   Medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and personal care products  

Original Text

Opening date of tender: 06/25/2009 00:00 Note: (A) Antibiotic- Doxycyclin Cap 100 Mg, Amoxiclline 125 Mg Syp, Amoxiclline 250 Mg Cap/Syp, Amoxiclline 500 Mg Cap, Cephradin 125/250 Mg Syp, Cephradin 250/500 Mg Cap, Cefaclor 250/500 Mg Cap, Cefixim Cap / Syp , Cefotamixe 250/500 Mg Inj, Ceftrixone 250/500 Mg Inj, Ciprofloxacine 250/500mg Tab, Levofloxacine 250/500mg Tab, Ofloxacin 200/400mg Tab, Norfloxacin 400 Mg Tab, Azithromycin 250mg Tab/Syp, Erothromycin 250/500mg Tab/Syp, Clrarthomycine Syp/Tab, Lincomycine Cap/Inj/Syp Co-Amoxiclov 625mg/375 Tab, Co-Amoxiclov Plain Syp, Gentamycin 40/80 Mg Inj, Co-Trimoxazole Tab /Syp, Chlorophinicol 250mg Cap, Metronidazole 200/400mg Tab, Metronidazole 100 Ml Inj/ Syp, Nalidixic Acid Syp, (B) Analgesic- Asprine 75 /300 Mg Tab, Glucosamine,Chondrotin Cap, Celecoxib Tab, Diclofenec Potassium 50mg Tab Diclofenec Sodium 50/100mg Tab, Diclofenec Sodium/Misoproston Tab , Diclofenec Sodium 75mg Inj, Flurbiprofen 100mg Tab, Ibuprofen Tab/Syp, Mefinic Acid Tab/Syp, Naproxen Tab, Paracetamol Tab/Syp, Zolmitriptan Tab, Nimesulide 100 Mg,. Tizanidne 2mg Tabs, Tramadol Cap/Inj, Gabapantin Tab, Tab Piroxicam 20 Mg, Prophyphenazone + Caffeine), (C) Anti Asthma- Salbutamol 2mg Tabs, Salbutamol Solution, Montelukast Sodium 4 Mg Tab, Montelukast Sodium 10mg Tab, N.Acetylecysteine 100/200 Mg, (D) Anti Diorrheal- O.R.S, Furazolidone Tab, Polysaccharide Sachet, Attapellgite Tab, Bismith Subsalicylate Tab/Syp, Attapellgite Syp, Saecharomyces Boladii, Loperamide Cap, Kaolin Pectin Syp, Bismith Subsalicylate Tab /Syp, (E) Steroid- Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate Inj, Dexamethason Tab / Inj Predni Soline 5mg Tab, (F) Iron Perpation- Ferrios Gluconate 250 Mg, Iron B/Complex Syp/Cap/Inj Iron Polymaltos Tab / Syp, (G) Anti-Spasmodic- Phloroglucinol Inj, Hyoscin-N-Butylbromide & Metamizole Tab, Hyoscin-N-Butylbromide & Metamizole Syp, Hyoscin-N-Butylbromide & Metamizole Syp Inj, Otilonium Bromide, Phloroglucinol Trimethoxy Benzene., (H) Oral Hypoglycemic- Metformin 500/250mg Tab, Glibenclamide Tab, Pioglitazone Hcl Tab 15/30 Mg, Glimepiride Tabs 1,2,3,4 Mg, Acarbose 50/100 Tab, Inj Insulin 70% 30% Human Isophame, (I) Anti Viral Drugs - Acyclovir 200 & 400 Mg Tab/Syp, (J) Domperidone Tab/Syp, Metoclopramide Inj/Tab/Syp, Dimenhydrinate Ta/Inj/Syp, Prochlorperazine Maletate, Meclozine,B6 Dehydrocloride, (K) Oestrogen/Progestogen, Lodurize Hydrogen Malate, Co-Trimizal Viginal Cream, Isoconaqzole Nitrate, Clindamycin Phosphate 2 %, Cholecalciferol 2,00,000, (L) Antacid- Famotadine 20/40 Mg Tabs, Roberazole 20 Mg Cap, Ranitidine 150mg Tabs, Omeprazole 20mg Cap, Esomeprazole 20mg Cap, Smithicone Syp, Cimetidine Inj, Sucralfate Tab/Syp, Carminative Mixture, Magnesiun Trisilecate Aluminium Hydroxide Dried Tab, (M) Lipid Lowering Agent- Simvastatain Tab, Ezetimibe Tab, Atorvastatin Tab, Lovastatin 20 Mg., (N) Anti-Allergic- Promethazine Syp, C. Phenramine Malte Tab, C. Phenramine Malte Syp, C. Phenramine Malte Inj, Loratidine 10mg Tabs/Syp, Cetirizine Tab/Syp, Ebastin, Betahistine Dihydrochloride, Tab/ Syp Clemastine, Fexfenadine Tab, (O) Dermatological- Betamethasone -N Cream/Onit, Permethrin 5% Solution, Clotrimazloe Cream/Tab/Lotion, Ketoconazole Tab/ Lotion, Terbinafine Tab/Cream, Cortamton Sulpher Lotion, Clotrimazole 1 % Cream, Micronizole 2 % Cream, Naftifin Hcl 1 %, Fluconazole 150 Mg , Nystatin 500000 Iu, Calamine Lotion, Gentamycin 3 % Oint, Nitrofurazone Cream, Benzyl Benzoate 25 %, Crotamiton 10 , Mupirocin Oint Usp 2%, (P) Laxatives- Biscodyl Tab, Lactulose Syp, (Q) Anti-Malarial- Amodiaquin Base Tab, Chloroquin Sulphate Tab, Amodiaquin Base Syp, Artemether + Umefantrine 20mg + 120 , Artemether Syp, (R) Alprazolam Tab, Bromazepam Tab, Diazepam Inj/Tab, Zolpidem 10 Mg Tab, (S) Drugs For Hypertension- Ace-Inhibutor, S with Diuretics, Frusemide 40mg Tab/Inj Captopril Tab, Ramipril Tab, Beta-Blocker’s 50mg 100mg, Calcium Channel Blocker’s 5mg, Ace-Inhibutor, S 10 Mg, Di-Uretics 60 Mg, Glyceryl Trinitrate Tab, Losartan Potassium Hydroch, Acetazolamide 250 Mg Tab, Tab Topiramate 25 & 50 Mg, Tab Metoprolol 100 Mg, (T) Haemostatic / Fibriolytic- Tranexamic Acid 250/500 Cap, (U) Local Applicant- Lidocaine, Menthol & Cetylpyridinium, Brosol, Triamcinolone Acetonide, Mouth Wash, (V) I/V Solution- Ringer Lactate 1000 Cc Inj With Set, Sodium Chloride 0.9% 1000 Cc/25 Ml Inj With Set, Dextrose & Sodium Chloride With Set Dextrose 5% Water 1000cc With Set, Sodium Acid Citrate Syp, (W) Drugs for Haemorrhoids- Paramoxine Hcl 1 % Cream, Duscogeries 0.8 %,, (X) Miscellanies - Tronolane Haemhrodel Essential Fatty Acid With Calcium, Tab Calcium, Carbimazole 5 Mg Tab Thyroxine Sodium 50 %, (Y) Cough Syp- Ammonium Chloride, Terbutaline, Sulbutamol, Diphondramine, Aminophylline, Diphenhydramie Ammonium Chloride, Pholcodine Citric Acid, Dextromethorphan, Pheniramine Maleats Pseudoephedrine, (Z) Dressing Items - Cotton Bandage All Size, Crepe Bandage All Size, Cotton Roll, Spirit Solution, H2 O2 Liquid, Skin Ointment, I V Cannula, 3 Cc Syring, 5 CC SYRING, 10 CC Seal Tenders are invited for the Supply of Medicines for the period from 1st July 2009 to 30th June 2010 from Multi National Companies/ reputed National Companies /Distributors registered with Sale Tax & Income Tax Department. Details are as under.
Tender documents may be obtained during office hours from 0800 hrs to 1500 hrs from ASF Hospital HQ ASF Karachi Airport at the cost of Rs. 500/- in cash (Non Refundable) to be deposited in Account Branch HQ ASF with written request at firm’s letter head.
The last date of submission of tender is 25th June 2009 upto 1100 hrs., Tenders will be opened in HQ ASF at 1130 hrs on the same date i.e. 25th June, 2009 in the presence of tender.
Tenders should be dropped in the tender box placed at ASF Reception of HQ ASF Karachi. All tender must be accompanied by earnest money in shape of Pay Order/Bank Draft of Rs. 10,000/- (refundable) in favor of Director General HQ ASF Karachi.
Incomplete, ambiguous and conditional tenders will not be accepted., Tenders will be opened on next working day if the date of opening is declared as holiday., The Director General ASF reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenders.
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