AN/TSQ-239(V) Combat Operations Centers (COC) Spare Parts

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   Dec 14, 2008
   Nov 13, 2008
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SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic intends to issue a commercial, sole source contract,, toGeneral Dynamics C4 Systems (GDS), 8201 E McDowell Road, Scottsdale,Arizona 85257, for spares parts for the two hundred and forty-two (242)AN/TSQ-239(V) Combat Operations Centers (COC), which are mobile, modularcommand and control centers. The Combat Operations Centers have beendesigned and fielded by General Dynamics. The spare parts must be modifiedand ruggedized to integrate within the COC. General Dynamics is the solemanufacturer of the COC and owns the rights to technical data and otherprovisioning information that will ensure the appropriate components areproperly modified to guarantee interoperability, reliability and tacticaleffectiveness within the COC. A Firm Fixed Price contract is anticipated.This isa one time purchase. The applicable North American Industry ClassificationSystem (NAICS) Code is 334290 and the size standard is 750 employees. Thisnotice of intent is not a request for competitive proposals. Any questionsrelating to this announcement or interested party inquiries are due in writingnolater than ten (10) days from the date this notice is published. Point ofContact is Tiffany C. Boatwright, Code 223TB, tel (843) 218-3221, fax (843)218-5947; or e-mail address Set-aside code: N/A Place of performance:  PO Box 190022 North Charleston, SC  29405  US Contact: Point of Contact - Tiffany C Boatwright, Contract Specialist, 843-218-3221 Tiffany C Boatwright, Contracting Officer, 843-218-3221
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