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   Oct 24, 2008
   Nov 5, 2008
   International procurement

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   Chief Engineer
Irrigation and Power Department
Sukkur Barrage Left Bank Region

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Original Text

Opening date of tender: 11/05/2008 11:00 Note: Lining of Khairpur, Minor RD-0 to 10.65 in Khairpur Irrigation Circle, Sukkur Barrage, Left Bank Region, Sukkur. (1) The Irrigation and Power Department has been entrusted by the Government of Sindh to execute the project of Lining of Distributaries and Minors in Sindh Province. The Project will be financed through funds provided by Federal Government of Pakistan.
The Contract for which this invitation for pre-qualification is being issued, is named as “Lining of Khairpur, Minor RD-0 to 10.65 in Khairpur Irrigation Circle, Sukkur Barrage, Left Bank Region, Sukkur”.
(2) The Chief Engineer Irrigation Sukkur Barrage Left Bank Region, Barrage Colony Sukkur, Ph: No. 071-9310187, Fax No: 071-9310188, hereinafter called the Employer, intends to pre-qualify Local Constructors for National Competitive Biding (NCB) for the works under this project, which included but not limited to the following.
Earth Work for Existing and Diversion Channel: Diversion Channel: (i) Jungle Clearance and Removing within 100 ft. (a) Light.
(ii) Borrow Pit Excavation Undressed Lead up to 100 ft.
(iii) Laying Earth in 6” layers Leveling, Dressing and Water for Compaction etc., complete.
(iv) Earthwork Compaction by Sheep Foot and Power Roller with Optimum Moisture Contract for 90% Modified AASHTO Density (Highway Schedule).
(v) Earthwork Excavation in Irrigation Channels, Drains etc. dressed to designed section Grades and Profiles, Excavated Material Disposed of and Dressed within 50 ft. lead.
(vi) Making Boundary or Service Roads including Dagbelling, Leveling and Dressing in un-ploughed Land from 10 to 20 ft. wide.
(vii) Ploughing 3 Times.
(viii) Extra for every 50 ft. additional lead or part thereof in Ordinary Soil, 12 Leads
(ix) Constructing Groynes Double up to 10 ft. Height Lead One Mile.
(x) Construction of Outlets (Temporary).
Lined Channel: (xi) Cement Plaster 1½” thick, ratio 1:6.
(a) In Bed and Berms.
(b) On Slopes.
(xii) Cement Concrete Plain 3” thick including Placing, Compaction, Finishing and Curing Complete (including Screening and Washing of Stone Aggregate without Shuttering, ratio 1:2:4.
(a) In Bed and Berms.
(b) On Slopes.
(c) For Sleepers.
(d) In Bed, Berms and Slopes.
(xiii) Erection and Removal of Centering for PCC or Plain Cement Concrete Work for Partal Wood.
(xiv) Construction of Outlets (Permanent).
(xv) Filling Expansion Joint 1” Wide with Bitumen Sand and Saw Dust.
(xvi) Bridges Remodeling / Rehabilitation / New Construction.
(xvii) Construction of RD Marker Post.
(xviii) Construction of Bench Mark Monument.
(3) It is expected that invitation of Bid will be issued by November, 2008.
(4) Pre-qualification is open to constructors / joint ventures of constructors who are registered with PEC in Category C-4 (up to 50.00 million) as per re-categorization of the revised financial limits (effective January, 2008) for construction and operation of engineering works. Applications may be submitted for pre-qualification for the said works.
(5) Appropriate Category PEC registered constructors may obtain the pre-qualification documents from the office of the Employer, i.e. Chief Engineer Irrigation Sukkur Barrage Region, Sukkur, Ph: No. 071-9310187, Fax No. 071-9310188 or may request to send the same through mail at the specified address.
(6) The request must clearly state “Request for Pre-qualification Documents” for Lining of Khairpur Minor. The documents are available for a non-refundable fee of Rs.1000/- from 20th October, 2008 onward during office hours. The documents, if requested by mail, will be promptly dispatched by registered mail for which cost of mail Rs.250/- will be borne by the applicant in favour of Executive Engineer, Barrage Division, Sukkur. However, under no circumstances the Employer will be responsible for the delivery or loss of the documents so mailed.
(7) A minimum requirement for pre-qualification will be to have successfully completed as prime contractor, the execution of at least one project of a nature and complexity comparable to the proposed contract within last five years.
(8) Application for pre-qualification must be delivered in sealed envelopes by hand or through registered mail to: -
The Chief Engineer Irrigation,
Sukkur Barrage Left Bank Region, Barrage Colony Sukkur.
Phone No: 071-9310187
Fax No: 071-9310188
not later than 5th November, 2008 at 1100 Hrs.
and be clearly marked: “Lining of Khair Minor in Khairpur Irrigation Circle, Sukkur Barrage Left Bank Region Sukkur”.
(9) The Chief Engineer, Irrigation Sukkur Barrage Left Bank Region, Sukkur Ph. No. 071-9310187, Fax No. 071-9310188 reserves the right to accept or reject late applications.
(10) Applicants will be informed, in due course, of the result of the evaluation of applications. Only the firms of constructors and joint venture pre-qualified under this process will be invited to bid.
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