New Construction of 12 Sub Center and 1 PHC building in Taluka, Pkg- 17.

Request For Proposals

General Information

   Multi Location (Gujarat)
   Sep 11, 2008
   Sep 19, 2008
   National procurement

Contact information

   The Superintending Engineer
Project Implementation Unit
3rd Floor, F – Block
Gandhinagar, Gujarat

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Blocks   Thermal insulating material   Windows   Gates   Platforms ladders   Prefabricated buildings   Construction work for sports facilities   Religious buildings construction work   Construction work for commercial buildings, warehouses and industrial buildings, buildings relating to transport   Asphalt   Flagstones   Roof   Fences   Solid flooring   Doors   Window frames   Ladders   Structures construction work   Accommodation and restaurant buildings   Construction work for military buildings and installations   Building construction work   Bitumen   Tiles   Roofing materials   Skylights   Scaffolding   Buildings associated with transport   Construction work for buildings relating to health   Agricultural buildings construction work   Bricks   Sound insulation   Glass   Sanitary ware   Entertainment building construction work   Construction work for buildings relating to education and research   Construction work for warehouses and industrial buildings   Infrastructure works consultancy services   Beams   Sheets (construction)   Wooden posts   Construction materials and associated items   Foil   Posts   Lampposts   Cement   Structural products   Piling   Sign posts   Rails   Mortars   Plates (construction)   Strip   Bus-stop posts   Concrete  

Original Text

Tender value: Rs.21647858.00 Opening date of tender: 09/19/2008 00:00 Earnest Money Deposit: Rs.216500.00 Document fees: Rs.3600.00 Note: New Construction of 12 Sub Center and 1 PHC building in Taluka Ranavav, Kutiyana and Porbandar District Porbandar Pkg- 17.
Submission and Opening dates are not specified and here specified dates are tentative. NOTE: Bid Document Fee Payable To :- C/o Divisional Accountant (Tender Branch) Deputy Director (Accounts), PIU, Gandhinagar. “PIU-General Fund A/c 11-114.
Bid Security / EMD (INR) :- Rs. 216500.00.
Bid Security / EMD in favour of :- “PIU-General Fund A/c 11-114.
Bid Document Downloading Start Date :- 06/09/2008 hrs 12.00.
Bid Document Downloading End Date :- 17/09/2008 hrs 18.00.
Last Date & Time for Receipt (Submission) of Bids :- 17/09/2008 hrs 18.00.
Bid Validity Period :- 120 days after opening of price bid.
Submission of certain documents etc. in person in the office of the PIU, Gandhinagar. Submission of EMD. Tender fee and other Documents during office hours: On date 18.09.08 & 19.09.08 in the office of the PIU, Gandhinagar. The exemption certificates of EMD will not be considered. The EMD is to be paid as per provisions of tender document. i.e. Rs.50000as DD of FDR & balance amount as Bank Guarantee.
Remarks:- Tenderer shall submit their offer in electronic format on website, after digitally signing the same. Offers which are not digitally signed will not be accepted. No offer in physical form will be accepted and any such offer if received by PIU Gandhinagar will be outright rejected. Phone :-(079) 232 31393, 232 31434 F) (079) 232 31995.
Price Bid Opening Date:- 20.09.2008 from 12.00 PM Onwards.
In the office of the Project Implementation Unit, 3rd Floor, F – Block, Civil Hospital Campus, Gandhinagar.
Other Details: Officer Inviting Bids :- Commissioner (H), Health & Family Welfare Department. Bid Opening Authority :- Superintending Engineer, Project Implementation Unit.
Address :- Project Implementation Unit 3rd Floor, F – Block, Civil Hospital Campus, Gandhinagar.
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