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The California Institute of Technologys Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), aFederally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) under a Prime Contract to NASA,is in the process of developing an acquisition strategy for the procurement of a ManagedService Provider/Vendor Management System to address JPLs contingent workforce needs. The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to gain information to use in thisplanning process on industrys capabilities in providing performance based ManagedService Provider (MSP) functions and the software capabilities available in your VendorManagement System (VMS), and to obtain your interest in participating in a possiblefuture competitive procurement.BACKGROUND: Currently, JPL is acquiring our contingent workforce from three (3) smallbusiness contractors, in what JPL calls our Temporary Support Effort Personnel (TSEP)contracts. There are approximately 400 to 500 individuals being provided under thesecontracts with approximately $57M being encumbered in FY07 and $40M in FY08. At this time JPLs acquisition strategy for a MSP/VMS includes the following:(A) MSP having complete responsibility and providing one point of contact; (B) LimitingJPLs co-employment exposure; (C) Coverage for a wide base of hard to find technicalskills that follow, but also including administrative, secretarial, shipping/receiving,etc., categories of jobs: (1) Oracle financial application experts; (2) Fluidsengineering, including hardware fabrication and integration; (3) Software engineering;(4) Spacecraft system engineering; (5) Mechanical design engineering; (6) IT engineers;(7) Metrology/optical metrology; (8) Manufacturing engineering; (9) Machine shopprogrammer/operators; (10) Power electronic circuit designers; (11) Electronictechnicians; (12) Structural analysts; (13) Integration and test engineers; 14) Precisioncleaning technicians; (15) Java developers; (16) System administrators; (17) Space flighttechnicians; and (18) Cable technicians; (D) High level of vendor neutrality; (E) Robustweb-based workforce management tool; (F) Ability to interface with Oracle and other JPLsoftware tools; (G) Process for managing customer satisfaction and vendors; (H) Pricingmodel that is market based; and (I) Past performance on government efforts similar toJPL.REQUIREMENTS: In developing this strategy further, this RFI is requesting the following:(1) Describe your Managed Service Provider program, including but not limited to,supplier base to find hard to find workforce skills, level of vendor neutrality, yourtraining program to train workforce prior to arrival at JPL and how JPL requirements arepassed down to vendors. Describe the type of project manager and other staff that wouldbe assigned to the JPL program; (2) Describe your Vendor Management System software, itsarchitecture and its capabilities (i.e., requisition, resume submission, interview,hiring, time and expense reporting), including capabilities to interface with Oracle andother JPL software tools, how electronic invoicing and payments against multipleproject/task numbers for each individual can be handled, system security capabilities,third party licenses, how upgrades/enhancements are handled, and how JPL users and newvendors are trained on the use of the software. Address your experience with softwaremodifications and schedule and cost implications for implementation. Describe themetrics available and ability to measure vendor performance and customer satisfaction.Has your VMS been audited by the government? (3) Describe your preferred pricing model. Discuss how pricing is determined for each job category (direct labor) and how thecontract price for an individual is determined (with overheads and profit), and how thiscontract price is flowed down to the vendors. Discuss how your model addresses marketforces. What is the vendors requirement for payment to the individuals based on thiscontract price? Discuss how the MSP is reimbursed for their services. Provide RoughOrder of Magnitude pricing information for your overhead, G&A and profit requirements,etc., to be added to the direct labor rate, your estimate for your service charge for theMSP service, and other charges that may apply to JPL for implementation, integration andoptional features; (4) Describe how your program limits JPLs co-employment exposure, andspecific efforts included in the price of your program to train both JPL and vendoremployees on co-employment issues; (5) Provide your major MSP/VMS customers, especiallygovernment, and describe the type of program being provided to them, number of vendorsused, skills provided, and number of people supplied; and (6) Provide information on yourcompany, including gross revenue and discuss what percentage of gross revenue isattributable to MSP/VMS related work. Describe if you are a large or small, smalldisadvantaged, women owned business, etc., and the NAICS codes you are certified under ifa small business. A small business set-aside procurement is a JPL strategy consideration.EXPRESS OF INTEREST: JPL is requesting the above information and your interest toparticipate in any future procurement to be provided electronically by September 24, 2008to Suart Imai.The above requirements should be provided to Stuart Imai, Manager, ProjectAcquisition Management Office by email at or by phone at (818)354-2070 for any questions.DISCLAIMER: It is emphasized that this RFI and the information requested is forpreliminary planning purposes only and does not constitute a commitment, implied orotherwise, that JPL will solicit you for such a procurement in the future. Neither JPLnor the Government will be responsible for any costs incurred by you in furnishing thisinformation. You are advised that any information provided shall be deemed to befurnished with unlimited rights to JPL with JPL assuming no liability for the disclosure,use, or reproduction of such data. Set-aside code: N/A Contact: Mary Helen Ruiz, JPL Business Opportunities Office, Phone 818-354-7532, Fax 818-393-1746, Email
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