Supply Of Laboratory Chemicals /Reagents - Dako Pen for Immunohistochemistry.

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Sri Lanka
   Jul 14, 2007
   Jul 6, 2007

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State Pharmaceuticals Corporation Of Sri Lanka
75, Sir Baron Jayatillake
Mawatha, Colombo
Sri Lanka
   00 94-11- 2446204

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Original Text

Quantity: 500 Opening date of tender: 07/06/2007 00:00 The Chairman, Procurement Committee Of The State Pharmaceuticals Corporation Of Sri Lanka Will Receive Sealed Tenders Upto 0930 Hours Local Time On 6th July 2007 For Supply Of Items On The Above Tender.
Tenders Should Be Prepared As Per Particulars Given In The Tender Schedules Available To Prospective Tenderers On Working Days Between 0930 Hours To 1500 Hours From 6th June 2007 At The Head Office, No.75, Sir Baron Jayatillake Mawatha, Colombo 1 And Can Inspect It And Purchase On Cash Payment Of A Non-Refundable Tender Fee Of Rs. 1000.00 + Vat Per Set And A Copy Of The Receipt Obtained To Be Annexed To The Offer.
All Tenders Should Be Accompanied By A Bid Bond As Specified In The Tender Documents.
Sealed Tenders May Be Sent By Post Under Registered Cover Or May Be Personally Deposited In The Box Available For This Purpose At Room Gf 10 In The Ground Floor Of The State Pharmaceuticals Corporation (Head Office) At No. 75, Sir Baron Jayatillake Mawatha, Colombo 1, Sri Lanka.
Tenders Will Be Closed At The Office Of The State Pharmaceuticals Corporation At 0930 Hours Local Time On 6th July 2007 And Will Be Opened Immediately Thereafter. Tenderers Or Their Authorised Representatives Will Be Permitted To Be Present At The Time Of Opening Of Tenders.
Tender Forms Are Being Sent To Sri Lanka Missions Abroad And Foreign Missions In Sri Lanka.
Offered item should bear both our SR number and the Item number.
However at the tender opening only the item numbers will be read out. Therefore price quoted should be shown against each item number.
H.S. Code number should be quoted against each item.
We reserve the right to reject offers which do not comply above.
Separate offers should be forwarded against each part.
To be supplied from freshly manufactured stock.
The expiry of each items should be at lease two years ahead from the date of receipt of items in Sri Lanka.
Expiry date and storage conditions should be mentioned clearly in indent, invoices and specially in the package of each items.
4. Name and address of Manufacturer, date of manufacture, SR Number of Item, MSD Order List Number, State Mark should be clearly marked on the outer covering containing the item and on the outer covering of the carton/box.
All outer cartons should bear the Batch No., Date of Manufacture and Date of Expiry in the size of 5cm letters/figures in prominently visible manner.
All items to be air freighted.
Items should be stored under normal room temperature and humidity prevailing in Sri Lanka
MSD Order List No., SR No of item and SPC Indent no. should be indicated in all invoices and Packing lists.
All packages to be stenciled with the relevant MSD Order List Number.
Please note that this notice is for your information only.
We try our best to have the most accurate and up-to-date information available on our web site, but we cannot guarantee that all of the information provided is error-free.
If you have any updates, corrections, or complaints related to this notice, please contact the responsible purchaser directly.