Electrical safety shoe with fibre toe cap upper stitched lining and made of chrome leather upper and sole, heel of thermoplastic elastomer of resistance and electrical shock proof as per is 15298, with one year warranty make preferred:acme,bata,allen copp

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   Jul 16, 2017
   Jul 20, 2017

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Tenders are invited for Electrical Safety Shoe With Fibre Toe Cap Upper Stitched Lining And Made Of Chrome Leather Upper And Sole, Heel Of Thermoplastic Elastomer Of Resistance And Electrical Shock Proof As Per Is 15298, With One Year Warranty Make Preferred:Acme,Bata,Allen Copper,Cuption, Lee Cupper,Duckback Or Equivalent Shoes Shall Be Supplied Along With 2 Pairs Of Shocks. Test Certificate Is Necessary Along With Supply. Sizes Required Are 6-8 Pairs, 7-28 Pairs, 8-32 Pairs, 9-25 Pairs, 10-9 Pairs, 11-3 Pairs.
Quantity: 105.00 Pair

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