Ms square tube 20x20x1. 6mm to specn is:4923-97 with latest amendment no.1 hf shs gr, yst 240 with plain carbon steel with minimum carbon of 0.15 percent or steel with equivalent carboncontent of maximum 0.39 percent in specific length of 6014 mts in exce

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   Jul 24, 2017
   Aug 2, 2017

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Tenders are invited for Ms Square Tube 20X20x1. 6Mm To Specn Is:4923-97 With Latest Amendment No.1 Hf Shs Gr, Yst 240 With Plain Carbon Steel With Minimum Carbon Of 0.15 Percent Or Steel With Equivalent Carboncontent Of Maximum 0.39 Percent In Specific Length Of 6014 Mts In Excess Length In Multiples Of 0.77 Mts Upto A Max...
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