Diesel Fuel Supply And Delivery

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United States
   May 18, 2017
   May 23, 2017

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   4505 Middlebrook Pike PO Box 59017 Knoxville, TN, 37950 Attn: Jermon Bishop
United States

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White oils and liquid paraffin   Diesel fuel (0,2)   Petroleum oils   Diesel fuel   Liquid paraffin   White oils   Diesel fuel (EN 590)  

Original Text

Tenders are invited for purchase and delivery of diesel fuel. Notes: submit all questions in writing (preferably by email to jermon.Bishop@kub.Org). initial term of contract 2 years, with the possibility of an additional (3) 1-year renewal. Bid date & time: 05/23/17 11:00 am

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