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Latin America and Caribbean
   Apr 21, 2017
   May 18, 2017
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Assignment Title: 1239937 - Senior Digital Financial Services Consultant

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- LAC Region


IFC proposes to hire a Senior Digital Financial Services Specialist as a Short Term Consultant (STC) to support its digital capacity building program as well as to identify and implement new DFS advisory business opportunities in the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region.

A wave of innovation is sweeping financial services, transforming channels products and processes and enabling broader outreach. This has resulted in improved product fit for underserved segments, and more efficient service delivery. Together these improvements can enable a more sustainable provision of high volume low value services to previously underbanked segments, as well as improved delivery across all segments. Some of this innovation is coming from new regulated and unregulated stand-alone financial services providers. The full potential for financial inclusion, however, will be more quickly attained by fostering innovation in the incumbent banks and financial service providers alongside fostering innovative entrants.

IFCs goals of financial inclusion and servicing the real economy are therefore served by both investing in FinTech innovators and by helping incumbents build their capacity to innovate internally and adopt external innovations.

IFC is seeking to recruit a Senior Digital Financial Services Specialist who will play a key role in developing and implementing its digital financial services strategy in LAC.

Scope of Work
The Senior Digital Financial Services Specialist will support LAC FIG Advisory Services to take its digital capacity building program and other projects with financial institutions and other DFS service providers to scale.

Specially, the Consultant will primarily support the FIG AS team to lead the digital capacity building program to be implemented by external parties. The Consultant will also provide support as requested to in conducting new business development with financial institutions in the region to expand the number of DFS projects and support the implementation of advisory projects as a DFS technical specialist.
Key responsibilities include:

1. Lead FIG AS LACs digital capacity building program, which consists of two potential initiatives:
Digital Transformation Strategy Lab: which involves supporting financial institutions (FIs) in developing their strategies for digital transformation and their innovation capacity. The goal of this project is to design and implement a capacity building program for financial institutions that will help them develop their digital transformation strategies, organize internally for innovation, identify product or service opportunities in their markets for which partnering with external innovators might be beneficial, screen partners and implement pilot programs. IFC will subcontract a specialized firm to develop, implement and manage the capacity building program. The firm will design and conduct a structured collaborative methodology implemented through a series of in situ 10-12 week workshops over a period of 3 to 6 months. Alongside these workshops the firm will deploy its experts on-site at the participating FIs for internal assessments of capacity, design of tailored internal development and external partnership strategies, and assistance in piloting targeted partnerships with external innovators.

The Consultant will be IFCs main counterpart in designing and implementing the program and will provide detailed input into the strategy, structure, methodology and content of the program. The Consultant should participate in the 12 week workshops to ensure the quality control and provide insight on further improvements to ensure the high quality of the content and overall workshop delivery.

Online Training Platform for an Association of Banks. IFC will partner with a large association of regional banks to develop the structure, curriculum and content of an online training program that will focus on DFS/Fintech relevant themes. IFC will subcontract a specialized firm to design and implement the online DFS training program.
The Consultant will be IFCs main counterpart in designing and implementing the online training program and will provide detailed input into the strategy, structure, methodology and content of the program.

Additional responsibilities may include:
1) Business Development
o Support LAC in Client Facing Work functioning as an Internal IFC Expert, Resource and Consultant to the operational staff and clients.
o Assist in building the business, i.e. identifying potential IFC Advisory services clients that seek to reach un- and underserved customers through the development of products and innovative channels.
o Work with advisory services regional staff to develop opportunities with key partners in the region; including developing project proposals/client pitches; leading meetings with potential clients and other market stakeholders to discuss business opportunities
o Conduct assessments and/or workshops as part of business development or advisory project design
o Design projects that address key clients needs, in a sustainable way, aiming for capacity building and leveraging existing client resources;
o Lead and / or support the implementation of tasks to strengthen business development efforts.
o Conduct country/ company assessments in order to identify opportunities for developing advisory services projects.
o Work/ interact closely with IFCs advisory staff to build their technical capacity for the delivery of DFS advisory projects

2) Supporting Implementation of DFS projects
o Support regional client work, functioning as an Internal IFC technical resource to the Regions
o Develop strategies to enable financial / microfinance institutions to utilize electronic channels and support the implementation of such strategies

The Senior Digital Financial Services Specialist will be expected to submit the following deliverables:
Written input to the LACs digital capacity building program
Proposals to clients in PowerPoint and/or Word format.
Client assessment reports detailing concrete advisory recommendations and findings of client DFS operations
Specific project deliverables as they relate to project implementation plans, including but not limited to feasibility studies, business plans, financial models, market and customer research, strategy.

All deliverables will be presented in Spanish and/or English and will be reviewed by IFC. Specific deliverables will depend on the task and responsibility.

Selection Criteria
The Senior DFS Specialist should have the following qualifications:
MBA, Master of Finance or Economics, or other relevant qualification;
Solid track record of experience related to development and implementation of digital and/or financial services strategies
At least fifteen years of operational experience in strategy development, digital financial services and technology solutions for financial services in emerging markets, preferably with direct experience in the use of technology to expand reach of financial services to low-income populations
Experience in managing higher education institutions and/or training programs that involve developing training curriculums and content for the financial sector, preferably as they relate to disruptive technologies
Experience working with financial institutions in Latin America
Demonstrated ability to identify problems and propose solutions to FI clients.
Deep understanding of global e-payments industry trends and of emerging best practices and innovations
Knowledge of policy and legal/regulatory issues related to mobile banking and payments systems development
Substantial business experience in retail payments, including mobile banking, financial systems interoperability, technology systems
Extensive practical experience in the development of mobile banking and other transformational electronic payments solutions. Experience in developing pilot environments, measuring success and learning lessons from them for future roll-out plans, in at least one project
Strong business development, market development, networking and partnership management.
Fluent written and spoken English and Spanish. Ability to work in Portuguese and/or French would be an advantage
A keen interest in development finance and in working in a multicultural environment; experience in a multilateral finance institution would be an advantage
Willingness and ability to travel extensively

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