1627829 Wetzel/tyler Ridge Slip Repair

Request For Proposals

General Information

United States
   Apr 20, 2017
   May 16, 2017

Contact information

   1900 Kanawha Blvd E Building 5, Room A-748 City: Charleston, WV, 25305-0430 Attn: Linda L Lovejoy
United States

Goods, Works and Services

Repair and maintenance services of electric motors  

Original Text

Tenders are invited for mobilization, unclassified excavation, select borrow excavation, riprap, shoulders and ditches, type 1 guardrail, class 3, 31" height, w14x68 steel pile, concrete lagging, thickness 8", 5" , 9", traffic control device, flagger, construction layout stake, silt fence, ditch check, fertilizer, seed mixtures, wood cellulose fiber mulch, aggregate base course, stone or gravel. Bid date & time: 05/16/17 10:00 am Bond: 5% bid bond

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