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United States
   ti:co-00108-gc, 16-6010
   Apr 21, 2017
   Apr 27, 2017

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   PO Box 2449 2800 U.S. Hwy 281 N, Customer Center Building City: San Antonio, TX, 78298-2449 Attn: Gina Cappa (Contract Administrator)
United States

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Ancillary works for water pipelines  

Original Text

Tenders are invited for construction of approx. 1,250 lf of 8" dia pvc waterline from the existing pz 12 12" dia pvc waterline; approx. 760 lf of 8" dia waterline from the existing pz 12 12" dia pvc waterline; 2 ea of 2" pressure reducing valves (prv) at both connection locations; and fire hydrants on the proposed 8" dia waterlines and other appurtenant work. see attached file for complete scope of work. Bid date & time: 04/27/17 10:00 am Notes: written question deadline: 04/19/17 by 4:00 pm. a non-mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held at 10:00 am (ct) on april 17, 2017 at the san antonio water system~s customer service building, 1st floor, conference room cr-c145, 2800 u.S. hwy 281 north, san antonio, texas. this project has a "prevailing wage" requirement. Est. low value: $594,000 Est. high value: $594,000 Bond: 5% bid bond Prebid: 04/17/17 10:00 am

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