Management of calibration and repair services on environmental equipment located at UNLB, Brindisi

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   Mar 19, 2017
   Apr 4, 2017
   International procurement

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   Patrizia Ferrari
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Repair and maintenance services of precision equipment   Calibration services  

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UNGSC/UNLB is seeking for prospective vendors able to provide the management of calibration and repair services on environmental equipment located at UNLB, Brindisi, as per attached Annex 1 – List of tools/equipement. Upon of completion of the calibration service, vendors will be required to provide a Calibration certificate, issued by the manufacturer and/or authorized entities. Only vendors who can provide the required services on at least 50% of the listed equipment will be considered for the tender. The calibration and repair services will be performed at the contractor premises.

Prospective contractors will be responsible for collecting the items from UNLB, Brindisi premises, calibrate and or repair, and returning to UNLB, Brindisi premises. The items shall be duly packed and covered by full insurance service for the round trip. The vendor will be responsible for any damage occurred during the transportation. The duration of the calibration service only, including transit time from and to UNLB, shall not exceed 20 calendar days. Vendors exceeding 20 calendar days for the calibration service, will not be considered for the tender. The time required for repair services will be considered on a case by case basis

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