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   Mar 18, 2017
   Mar 28, 2017
   International procurement

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   Annika Howse
   +41 022 909 5250
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The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to seek proposals from qualified companies and individuals to develop and deliver a number of simulations in order to test the emergency fundraising preparedness and action plans that have been developed in different parts of UNICEF. Contracting is estimated to start in April 2017, and last approximately through Q4 2017. Three (3) simulations will be developed and delivered by the consultancy:

* SIMULATION N. 1: Emergency Fundraising Simulation for Private Fundraising & Partnerships (PFP) Division
* SIMULATION N. 2: Emergency Fundraising Simulation for National Committees and Private Sector Fundraising (PSFR) Country Offices
* SIMULATION N. 3: Emergency Fundraising Simulation for National Committees and Regional Offices/Country Offices

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