Rainbow Valley Access Bridge (B28) Bridge Rehabilitation

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   Mar 18, 2017
   Apr 6, 2017

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   Kim Bachand

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Rainbow Valley Access Bridge (B28) Bridge Rehabilitation

Tender 931098 Rainbow Valley Access Bridge (B28) Bridge Rehabilitation
1.The Work to be undertaken under the Contract involves:
The rehabilitation of the bridge carrying Rainbow Valley Road over Whitemud Creek (Rainbow Valley Access Bridge), an existing three span roadway bridge, installation of erosion and roadway re-alignment

•Maintenance of traffic and pedestrian accommodation measures during all stages of construction.
•Environmental protection during all stages of construction.
•Detailed verification of existing site conditions.
•Remove existing wearing surface
•Removal and disposal of existing expansion joints at abutments and piers
•Removal and disposal of the existing roadway concrete barriers and handrails
•Partial and full depth repairs on girder top flanges
•New fibre reinforced high performance concrete (FRHPC) overlay on bridge deck and approach slabs
•Asphalt paving on approach road
•Replace deck joints (4)
•Partial depth repairs on shear keys, pier cap, abutments, and piers
•New concrete curbs,barriers, bicycle rail and bridgerail
•Painting of pier piles
•Supply and Installation of Heavy Rock riprap and Vegetation
•Modifications to existing catch basins and manholes
•Restoration to original conditions or better of all areas disturbed by the Work.

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