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   Mar 18, 2017
   Apr 6, 2017

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   Office of the Controller of Stores,
New Joint Office,
State: Tamilnadu.
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Mining, basic metals    Steel  

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BILLETS CARBON STEEL Evaluation Criteria : Itemwise/Consigneewise Tender Doc: 0.00 Earnest Money (INR): 0.00 Pre-Bid Query Date Time: Not Applicable Bidding System : Single Bid System Validity of Offer(Days) : 90 Delivery Schedule : within 3 months.. Inspection Agency: RITES Payment Terms : 100 percent payment after receipt and acceptance by consignee. Instructions/Remarks: Unloading by consignee. Firm to submit manufacturer s test certificate alongwith supply.SVC clause applicable or otherwise stated.

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