National Water Resources Management and Information Systems (NWRMIS)

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   Jun 15, 2017
   Apr 4, 2017
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   Luis de Almeida
National Directorate of Water
Rua da imprensa, 162
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Ministér io das Obras Públicas, Habitaçãoe RecursosHídricos

Direcção Nacional de Gestão de RecursosHídricos


< p>Ministério deTransportes e Comunicações

Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia





Project I.D.:131049 - Grant No.: TF-014031

National Integrated Water Resources Management Information System


The Government of Mozambique (GoM) has received a Grant fromthe Pilo ram for Climate Resilience under the Strategic Climate Fund  managed by the World Bank, towards the cost ofimplementing the Tr ansforming Hydro-Meteorological Services Project, and it intends to apply part of this for the payments underthe contract for Consu ltancy Services concerning the development of the ” National Integrated Water ResourcesManagement Information System ” (NIWRMIS).

The consulting services include, but are not limited to;Diagnose existing Information Systems (IS), Management Information Systems (MS) and Computer System (CS) to inform designrequirements for the NIWRMIS; Develop and imple ment the data and hardware structure of the NIWRMIS; Validate, migrate and digitizerelevant data into the data structure of the NIW RMIS; Integrate and operationalize a Decision Support System (DSS) into theNIWRMIS; Implement the institutional embedding of the NI WRMIS;

The National Directorate of Water Resources Management(DNGRH), now invites eligible consulting firms (“Consu ltants”) to indicate their interest in providing their servicesfor the above assignment. Interested Consultants should provid e information demonstrating that they have the requiredqualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services. The shortlis ting criteria are: (i) overall experience of thecompany, (ii) experience in Mozambique and similar working environments, and (iii) similar works done.

Consultants willbe selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank’s  Guidelines: Selection and Employment ofConsultants by Bank Borrowers, January 2011;

Interested consultants may obtain the detailed Terms of Reference atthe address given below, or request an electronic copy through the following email: pndrh1  from 08:30to 15:00 hours (GMT +2), before closing date;

Expressions of Interest must be delivered to the address below byno later than 15:00 hours (GMT +2) of April 4, 2017.

Direcção Nacional de Gestão de RecursosHídricos (DNGRH)

Programa Nacional de Desenvolvimento de Re cursos Hídricos(PNDRH)

Rua da Imprensa, 162, 1fst Floor

Email address:

Tel: 258 21 3021 29 or 2142 04 69 | Facsimile: +258 21 30 21 30 or 2142 14 03

Maputo – Mozambique

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