Support to RWSSI Working Groups and the implementation of the RWSSI Work-Plan

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General Information

   Mar 13, 2017
   Mar 20, 2017

Be a national of one of the member countries of the Bank;
1 At least a Master’s degree (or its equivalent) in a relevant discipline related to the assignment;
2 Minimum of ten years of relevant professional experience in Rural Water Supply and Sanitation, Rural Development and International Development Cooperation;
3 Ability to work independently, with minimum supervision;
4 Proven ability to work in teams;
5 Proven ability to constitute and lead teams composed of geographically dispersed partner experts originating in various organizations;
6 Good organizational skills with ability to prioritize and deliver assignments in a timely manner;
7 Good analytical skills with ability to quickly review documents and prepare briefing notes highlighting key issues;
8 Ability to apply innovative approaches, work independently and apply new methods to solve problems, while remaining efficient in a sometimes challenging institutional environment;
9 Good interpersonal and communication skills;
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Contact information

   M r . Jochen RUDOLPH
Chief Rural Water Supply and Sanitation African Development Bank Rue Joseph Anoma, Plateau 01 BP 1387, Abidjan 01, Côte d’Ivoire
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The main objective of this assignment is to enhance the regional collaboration and ownership for RWSSI and to support Working groups constituted during the RWSSI Forum 2013 delivering on their work program as well as to support the work of the RWSSI secretariat.

Under the direct supervision and guidance of the Chief Rural Water Supply and Sanitation, the Consultant shall support the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Initiative Secretariat as follows:

Preparing the convening of a RWSSI Forum 2017 and supporting working groups in the three learning areas:

a) Taking stock of the advancement of the three learning areas since the RWSSI Forum in 2013 and map stakeholders based on their current activities;

b) Supporting the establishment and moderation of Working Groups as defined by the RWSSI Forum, including drafting and agreeing on TORs and Modalities for Working Groups;

c) Engaging with RWSSI stakeholders, i.e. RMCs, AMCOW and its secretariat, Development Partners, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Networks and academic institutions, identifying complementarity between various partner contributions and gaps that need to be addressed;

d) Enhancing partnerships in the three RWSSI learning areas as agreed during the RWSSI Forum;

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