Serum protein / albumin injection unit price open contract

Request For Proposals

General Information

Taiwan, China
   Jan 11, 2017
   Jan 17, 2017
   National procurement

Contact information

   Bi-Ju Fan
Veterans General Hospital of Taipei
No 201, Sec 2, Shih-Pai Rd, Taipei city, R.O.C
Taiwan, China

Goods, Works and Services

Pharmaceutical products  

Original Text

Attribute of procurement:
Pharmaceutical products

Type of procurement:
Open Tendering

Award criteria:
Lowest tender

Selling price and terms of payment for tender documentation:
1.Price for selling on-site : cash only NT$200
2.Price for selling via mail order : postal money order NT$252 , made payable to miss Wang
3.Price for acquiring electronic tender documentation on the internet (URL: electronic payment NT$125.

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