Three/Four/Five Battery Electric Transit Buses, 30'/35'/40'

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   Jan 10, 2017
   Feb 9, 2017

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Three/Four/Five Battery Electric Transit Buses, 30'/35'/40'

The City of St. Albert has an approved budget for the purchase of up to five (5) Battery Powered Electric Transit Buses, in the 30’, 35’ to 40’ foot passenger configurations only. The City may elect to order up to five of one size or up to five of various combinations of sizes as determined by the City.

As the result of a previous tender process, the City of St. Albert has prequalified the following battery electric buses:
i) BYD K9S35 (35’)
ii) BYD K9S40 (40’)
All other makes/models of urban transit battery electric buses being submitted for consideration must complete the pre-qualification process. Failure to submit the required information to obtain pre-qualification approval will result in disqualification.

Vendor/Equipment Pre-Qualification Standards

1. In order to pre-qualify for award of contract, the make and model of transit coach submitted for consideration must meet all of the following standards:
i) battery electric type - ‘extended range’ battery electric transit bus, defined as follows:
“An ‘extended range’ electric Transit bus is one that is capable of travelling a minimum of approximately 200 kms/8 hours on a single charge without recharging. Recharging takes place in a transit garage and takes approximately 3-6 hours to recharge from 0% to 100%.
ii) standard production model (not a prototype), currently in revenue service (same or similar model, must be battery powered);
iii) Altoona tested (same or similar model, other propulsion systems will be considered - diesel, etc.);
iv) minimum 12 year battery life expectancy guarantee (if batteries fail in less than 12 years they must be replaced with new batteries by the manufacturer at no charge to the City);
v) bus and all ancillary related equipment (ie: chargers) conform to all current Canadian regulations and standards as set out in applicable Federal and Provincial law. Certification of compliance with the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and/or United States Department of Transportation standards and the American Disability Act (ADA) will be required.
vi) if submitting to prequalify any 30’ unit, the 30’ unit must be substantially the same as a standard 35’ and 40’ unit, in other words it must be a smaller version of the same bus; same design, same construction, same powertrain, same range, same charging systems, same dimensions other than length, same lifespan, front wheelchair ramp, etc.

Failure to meet these requirements may result in disqualification.

The complete tender document with the full instructions and specifications is attached and downloadable.

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