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   Jan 10, 2017
   Feb 1, 2017

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Road Oil

RE: Tender No. 1-2017 - Road Oil

Please accept this as your invitation to tender for the SUPPLY AND DELIVERY of the 2017 chip sealing road oil requirements of Mountain View County. Please specify price of material per liter, including delivery to various points within Mountain View County.

The quantities indicated are estimated and may vary from actual requirement:

1,500,000 liters HF 250-S
75,700 liters Primer

The following conditions shall apply to the successful tender:

1. The material must meet or exceed specifications as prescribed by the “Canadian Government Specification Board.” In the case of the HF 250-S, it shall meet Specification 16-GP-5M (Nov 77), a copy of which is available for inspection at the County Office.

2. Periodical testing may be done by the County to ensure the specified standards are met. If, for whatever reason, the purchased product does not meet the specifications mentioned, the cost of testing will be borne by the supplier. If any load tested does not meet specifications, the cost of that load will not be charged to the County.

3. Prices to be quoted on a per liter basis F.O.B. Mountain View County. Please indicate the following:

(a) minimum load requirements
(b) penalty per liter on loads delivered under the minimum load requirements
(c) Free time for unloading
(d) Standby time per hour after the free time for unloading

4. Materials shall be supplied and delivered to the County and measurements shall be determined by either:

(a) meter reading tickets – meter to comply with calibrations and subject to testing by Department of Consumer Affairs, Weights and Measures Division at the request of the County and at the expense of the supplier, or

(b) weigh scale tickets FOR EACH LOAD supplied both loaded and empty, by a weigh scale approved by the County and at the expense of the supplier, or

(c) a tank marker calibrated and sealed by the Department of Consumer Affairs, Weights and Measures Division – materials to meet calibrated marker at destination.

All material quantities delivered under a), b), and c) above to be adjusted to 60 degrees C.

Supplier is to designate desired method of measurements noted above. The County reserves the right to recheck quantities at any time.

Tenders will be received by the Assistant Director of Operations until February 1, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. and will be considered by County Council at their convenience.

The LOWEST or ANY TENDER need not necessarily be accepted.

Please note that tenders received by email will not be accepted.

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