Wide Area Riding Mower, Rotary, 16'

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   Jan 10, 2017
   Jan 19, 2017

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   Bruce Everitt
   (780) 459-1669

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Wide Area Riding Mower, Rotary, 16'

The City of St. Albert will be soliciting bids for the supply of one (1) 16’ wide area rotary riding mower.

Prior to commencing the formal bid process, the City is interested in hearing from vendors that can provide a mower that essentially meets the following specifications:

i) mower type – rotary only (flail types will not be considered)
ii) decks/coverage – triple deck, 16’ cutting width all decks
iii) engine – 70 h.p. diesel, Tier 4 compliant emissions
iv) 4WD

Only those makes/models of mowers that have a factory authorized sales and service outlet in the metro Edmonton area will be considered.

The City currently owns and operates four Toro 5900D wide area mowers. The new mower is scheduled as a replacement for one of the Toro 5900D’s and will be of similar construction, performance and operational characteristics as the Toro 5900D.

If your firm manufactures/represents a mower of this type and wishes to be considered for prequalification please contact the following no later than 2:00:00 p.m. (Alberta time), January 19th, 2017:

Chris Richards
Asset Management Manager
City of St. Albert, Alberta

At the end of this ‘Expression of Interest/Pre-Qualification’ process the City will proceed as follows:

i) if there is a mower(s), other than the Toro 5900D, that meets the general requirements AND the local sales and service requirement, the City may conduct pre-qualification performance and operational testing on that unit(s) prior to commencing the formal bid process
ii) if there are no other mowers that meet the general requirements and the local sales and service requirement, the City reserves the right to negotiate directly on a sole source basis for the acquisition of a Toro 5900D.

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