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   CS/002/ 2014
   Jan 9, 2014
   Jan 29, 2014
   International procurement

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   Noura Maslamani
Union of Agricultural Work Committees- UAWC/ Procurement Department
Tarifi Building -5th floor Near Ministry of Transportation – Stans Road – Al Masyoum
Ramallah, Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine
   + (970) 2 2980316
   + (970) 2 2965545
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Original Text

Union of Agriculture Work Committees
Request for Expressions of Interest
(Consultant Services-Fixed Budget)
Tender No (CS/002/ 2014)

Date: 9 January, 2014
Country: Palestine
Name of Project: Land and water resource management for agricultural development in the West Bank
Consultant Services: Organizational Development

A consortium composed of four Palestinian NGOs, that are the Union of Agriculture Works Committees (UAWC), Palestinian Hydrology Group (PHG), Economic and Social Development Center (ESDC) and Land Research Center (LRC) has applied for a grant from the Netherlands Representative Office in Palestine for towards the cost of “Land and water resource management for agricultural development in the West Bank”, the programme foresees the implementation of an organization development effort in favour of the consortium members.
The UAWC has been mandated by the Consortium members to manage the Organizational Development effort (OD).
The OD is a short term effort with the main objectives of A) assess the current institutional, operational and legal situation of the four consortium members with the aim of further identifying the inefficiencies and problems that exist; B) the development of a reasonable action plan (transitional approach) that tackles the weakness, inefficiencies and gaps identified; and C) coach and guide in a consensus based approach the implementation of the initial phases of the developed action plan. And then, if needed, perform a review of the action plan following the initial implementation phase. The OD team shall be expected to work hand in hand with consortium members’ core staff and with the Project Management Unit (PMU) of the programme. The PMU is conceived by the consortium members to coordinate and manage the programme including the OD effort.
The assignment is expected to commence in February 2014 and shall be implemented over a period of ten month.
The UAWC (PMU) now invites eligible national and international consultants to indicate their interest in providing the services. Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, and availability of appropriate skills among staff, financial strength, etc.). Consultants may associate to enhance their qualifications.
A consultant will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection of Consultants, July 1997 Revised April 1998, July 1999, and March 2002; Consultants’ Services: Lump-Sum Remuneration.
Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address below:
Union of Agriculture Work Committees (UAWC)
Nura Maslamani – Masha’l Building – 3rd floor – PMU office - Al Masyoun , Ramallah, West Bank, Palestinian Authority
Fax: +972 2 298 0316 or e-mail: noura-s@UAWC-PAL.ORG; Website:
Expressions of interest must be delivered to the address below by the 29 January, 2014, at 14:00 local time to the following address:
Union of Agriculture Work Committees (UWAC)
Noura Maslamani / Procurement Officer – Financial Department – Tarifi Building -5th floor
Near Ministry of Transportation – Stans Road – Al Masyoum, Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine
Fax: +972 2 296 5545 or e-mail: noura-s@UAWC-PAL.ORG; Website:
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